N.H. House Passes Bill Protecting Minors From Genital Mutilation Procedures

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The New Hampshire House approved legislation on Thursday prohibiting genital mutilations of minors, which the transgender cult has euphemistically dubbed “gender-affirming care.”


“In the absence of high quality data to prove safety and efficacy, including long term outcomes, only people over the age of majority should receive genital gender reassignment surgery in the state of New Hampshire,” the bill reads. “Adolescent genital gender reassignment surgery generally lacks both adequate information for informed consent and involves a high risk of coercion for parental consent when parents believe that they are faced with a choice between their child committing suicide or consenting to their child’s genital gender reassignment surgeries.”

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House Bill 619 not only protects children from genital mutilation, but it also punishes doctors who recommend out-of-state facilities where such barbaric procedures might still be performed.

HB 619 also claims there is a lack of high quality clinical trials providing data on outcomes for pubertal suppression and cross-sex hormones in youth reassignment surgeries.

“We need to wait. We need to pause,” State Rep. Erica Layon, R-Derry, argued, according to InDepthNH.org. “Is it okay to tell parents the procedure is safe and effective if there is no data?”

The legislation also says studies have shown no decrease in minors’ suicide risk after receiving surgery. Some rather presented a “significant increase” in suicides and psychiatric hospitalizations.


In 2022, a comprehensive study found that there is no medical benefit for young people to receive so-called “gender-affirming care” and that 90% of young people with gender confusion who are not encouraged to transition (socially or medically) will no longer identify as transgender upon reaching adulthood.

There’s also no legitimate link between so-called “gender-affirming care” and better mental health outcomes, and European countries that were originally all in on the transgender fad have started figuring this out. In July of last year, England’s only transgender clinic closed due to concerns that doctors were performing surgeries without considering children’s mental health. Several other European countries, including Sweden, Finland, and France, have all dialed back on pushing transgender “treatments” for children because they have begun to recognize the harm it does to kids.

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Naturally, the groomers on the left side of the aisle were against the measure. 

“This is not about surgery but about why we are considering putting medical processes into New Hampshire law that is constantly changing,” State Rep. Gerri Cannon, a Democrat who identifies as transgender, said. “[Medical providers] are constantly learning new ways to care for patients and new techniques.”


The bill is widely expected to pass the New Hampshire Senate, which means it will be up to Gov. Chris Sununu (R-N.H.) to sign it or veto it. What will he do?

In the past, he signed a transgender rights bill, but he also vetoed a bill making it easier for people who identify as transgender to change their birth records. I’d like to believe that Sununu will do the right thing to protect children from the transgender cult, but I’m not sure what he’ll do.

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