Tucker Carlson shocks conservatives with attack on Ben Shapiro

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The Israel-Hamas war has consumed the voices of many respected figures on the right for months now, and Tucker Carlson is tired of it.

“There are people on the right who have spent the last two months, every single day, focused on a conflict in a foreign country as our own country becomes dangerously unstable,” Carlson told Saagar Enjeti on “Breaking Points.”

The person on the right Carlson was using as an example is Ben Shapiro, and the instability he’s referring to is that our country is “on the brink of financial collapse with tens of millions of people who shouldn’t be here.”

“We don’t know their identities or the purpose of their being here,” Carlson continues, “stuff that could destroy the country for real and make it impossible for my kids to live here.”

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Carlson claims that these talking heads on the right have said nothing about that.

“They’re focused with laser intensity on foreign conflicts,” he says. “They don’t care about the country at all.”

In a rare moment, Dave Rubin disagrees with Tucker.

“I’m sorry, that is just a seriously low-IQ take and really low-hanging fruit and dishonest by Tucker,” Rubin says.

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