NYPD warns airport travelers to prepare for additional delays due to protests by Hamas sympathizers

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New York Police are warning travelers in New York to arrive at the airport early as the city braces for another wave of disruptions caused by protesters sympathetic to terrorist organization Hamas.

The NYPD issued multiple warnings from various agencies about the expected impact of the protests.

In one post, NYPD’s 106th precinct warned of protests expected at JFK airport and “disruption in the community.” The post promised an “increased police presence” in the area.

Another, from the NYPD Chief of Transportation, warned travelers flying out of JFK to “please plan to travel to the airport ahead of time. There are planned protests today and will cause delays.”

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Since Hamas massacred and kidnapped hundreds of Israeli citizens on October 7th, protesters have taken to obstructing roadways as a means of encouraging the United States to stop helping Israel fight back against Hamas. Although the protests have ostensibly called for a “ceasefire,” they have not called for Hamas to cease firing rockets into Israel or to return the civilian hostages taken from Israel in flagrant violation of international law.

In recent weeks, these protests have increasingly sought to obstruct access to United States airports. Last week, massive protests wreaked havoc at JFK airport in New York and Los Angeles International Airport. Many New Yorkers responded to the protests by abandoning their vehicles and heading to the airport on foot in a bid to catch their holiday flights. In Los Angeles, massive delays confronted passengers, and protesters also assaulted at least one police officer and harassed numerous motorists who are completely uninvolved with the conflict in Gaza. The LAPD ultimately arrested 35 people as part of the protest.

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