Christmas Shoplifting: Smash-and-Grab Robberies Terrorize Businesses

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Violent night, unholy night. This Christmas season, lawless individuals across America decided to check off their wish list by just grabbing whatever they wanted.


Soft-on-crime Democrat policies have encouraged law-breaking around the country. For instance, thefts of up to $950 in California are considered misdemeanors, and often the thieves are not arrested and prosecuted. Meanwhile, bail “reform” has encouraged shoplifting in areas such as New York. From the summer of love and mostly peaceful protests in 2020 up to the present day, especially under Joe Biden, it seems as if America is becoming increasingly chaotic and crime-ridden.

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Democrats appear always to favor lawbreakers while targeting and undermining law-abiding citizens. We see it with the border crisis, the crime crisis, the gun-grabbing movement, and in so many other areas. 

MRCTV’s Brittany Hughes reported on the Christmas crime spree on Jan. 2:

A GameStop in Jacksonville, Florida is now boarded up after a group of criminals used their car as a battering ram to bust into the building through the wall, making off moments later with armloads of stolen merch and leaving the store a total wreck this past week. In Shoreline, Washington, three people broke into a pot store and took off with an unknown amount of stolen goods on Monday night.

I guess legalizing marijuana doesn’t always reduce criminal offenses. It is interesting that Joe Biden reportedly decided to pardon thousands of nonviolent marijuana offenders whose violations were committed on federal land in December. Nothing like encouraging self-destructive behavior through executive wand-waving.


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But there were plenty of other robberies this festive Yuletide in Biden’s America. From MRCTV again:

Just before Christmas, five thieves busted into a Chanel store in Washington, D.C., nabbing $250,000 worth of stuff and discharging a fire extinguisher. In Oahu, Hawaii, a string of smash-and-grabs targeted local restaurants just before New Years’. In Saratoga, New York, residents spent part of their holiday helping rebuild a local store after thieves busted in through the window and made off with $100k worth of designer handbags and other merchandise in early December.

Just befor[e] Christmas, cell phone footage caught the moment when three criminals busted through the window of a jewelry store in a Fairfield, California mall, right in front of God and everyone.

It seems this year all the people on the naughty list played Santa Claus to themselves. It’s a seriously damaging phenomenon for businesses, especially small businesses, which cannot afford to keep losing huge amounts of merchandise. And unfortunately, Democrat DAs and other officials in leftist cities are unlikely to take action to stop the crimes.

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