Teen boy arrested for allegedly murdering parents, seriously injuring younger sister

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A teenager in California was recently arrested for allegedly murdering his parents and attempting to kill his younger sister, according to Fox News Digital.

The boy, 14, faces two charges of murder and a single charge of attempted murder. The boy’s sister he attacked is just 11 years old.

The identities of the children will not be released because they are minors.

On Wednesday, the authorities responded to a home in Miramonte, California, after receiving a call of injured people from the 14-year-old boy. When deputies arrived on the scene, the boy said someone had broken into his family’s home and attacked his father, mother, and sister.

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The boy went on to say that the intruder had escaped in a pickup truck.

The two dead parents were identified as Lue Yang, 37, and Se Vang, 37. Their daughter was also discovered to be suffering from serious injuries. She was rushed to the hospital for treatment. Fox News Digital reported that the girl is expected to survive.

It did not take long for Sheriff John Zanoni to conclude that the boy “fabricated the story of the break-in.”

The boy had a few scratches when the authorities discovered him, but there was no indication that he attempted to harm himself in the incident.

NBC News reported that the authorities were still in the process of cataloguing the weapons involved in the case, and they were reluctant to provide what weapons may have been involved in the attack.

It was also noted that some of the weapons discovered were not unusual in rural areas such as Miramonte, which is located in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

“When individuals live in rural areas of Fresno County, like up here in the mountains, those individuals tend to have weapons readily available, whether it’s knives, firearms, things like that for self-protection,” Zanoni said.

“Many people hunt. So it’s not uncommon for weapons to be readily available. Unfortunately, in this case, they were in the hands of a 14-year-old who used them in a very violent manner.”

Zanoni said that a motive in the case has not yet been determined. He went on to say that deputies had not previously made a visit to the house.

Reports did not indicate if charges had been formally filed or if the boy had retained counsel.

NBC News reported that the Fresno County public defender’s office did not immediately respond to request for comment about the incident.

The teen was being held in a juvenile facility on allegations of murder and attempted murder.

The sheriff said that the situation is an “extremely tragic” one.

The investigation is ongoing.

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