Will Ferrell, the FEMINIST?

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Will Ferrell has starred in his fair share of raunchy comedies that would have feminists up in arms today, but that apparently hasn’t stopped him from becoming one.

In his opening remarks for the recently held Women in Entertainment Gala, he made that incredibly clear.

“Forget about the entertainment world,” he told the audience. “Isn’t it just time for women to run the planet?”

“Men, we’ve been running the show since, what? 10,000 B.C., something like that, and we’re not doing so good. So please, can you guys just take over?” Ferrell continued.

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Lauren Chen is admittedly a big Will Ferrell fan, but she’s not a fan of this political turn.

“At his peak, Will Ferrell was probably one of the funniest people in Hollywood,” she says, adding that she was “disappointed” when she heard what he said.

“Male celebrity does not grovel as a virtue-signaling male feminist ally challenge: impossible,” Chen continues, noting that for some reason men always feel the need to put men down while lifting women up.

“Why does crapping on men even have to come into it?” Chen asks.

Ferrell went on in his speech to tell the audience he co-founded a production house specifically dedicated to telling female-centric stories with female actors and directors, based on the suggestion of a female co-worker.

But that’s not all.

Ferrell also suggested that Kerry Washington should be the next president.

“Kerry, you’ve always been amazing in everything you’ve ever done and an incredible advocate for so many different things, so can you just run for president, please?” Ferrell said, which Chen identifies as “groveling.”

“It’s a pretty far cry from what his persona used to be,” Chen adds.

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