Italian Church Nativity Scene Features Baby Jesus With Two Mothers — ‘Saint Joseph, Sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctness’

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An Italian church is facing accusations of blasphemy over a nativity scene featuring baby Jesus with two mothers.

Pro-Vita & Famiglia (Pro-Life and Family), a pro-life group, has launched a petition asking the Bishop of Avellino to intervene. The organization has already collected over 23,000 signatures.

The offensive nativity is on display at the Church of Saints Peter and Paul, in Capocastello di Mercogliano, in the province of Avellino.

“I wanted to show with this scene that families are no longer just the traditional ones,” Father Vitaliano Della Sala told Reuters. “In our parishes we see more and more children from the new types of families that exist and are part of our society, children of separated and divorced people, gay couples, single people, young mothers.”

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According to the report, Father Della Sala is known for supporting the LGBT community and far-left causes.

To defend the nativity, Father Della Sala pointed to Pope Francis’ announcement earlier this month that allows priests to bless same-sex couples.

Pro-Vita’s petition accuses the church of sacrificing Saint Joseph on the “altar of political correctness.”

“An LGBT nativity scene with ‘two mothers’ was set up in the Church of Saints Peter and Paul in Capocastello di Mercogliano, in the province of Avellino,” the petition reads, according to a machine translation. “A blasphemous and provocative representation that distorts the meaning of the Nativity scene itself and of the Holy Family: both with the removal of Saint Joseph, sacrificed on the altar of political correctness, and with the very serious message relating to the ‘two mothers’ which ‘sanctifies’ a practice as illegal as the buying and selling of gametes.”

The petition asks people to sign to say, “No to the blasphemous Nativity scene! The Bishop of Avellino, Monsignor Arturo Aiello, intervenes against the LGBT provocation of a Baby Jesus with ‘two mothers’!”

Senator Maurizio Gasparri, of the co-ruling Forza Italia party, told Reuters that the nativity scene “offends all those who always had respect and devotion for the Holy Family.”

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