The Israel Guys: 3 Israeli Hostages Were Shot Dead by the IDF in Gaza – What Really Happened?

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3 Israeli hostages were killed by friendly fire on Friday as they were approaching IDF soldiers. Ben Hilton from The Israel Guys reveals how the 3 young men may have been used as decoys by Hamas. The Israel Guys also revealed how Hamas dresses up Israeli hostages to look like terrorists, and showed a Gaza hospitalk directoir who admitted turning his hopsital int a terrorist base for Hamas.

“Three Isreali hostages were in a building that the (still unnamed) IDF unit had surrounded, three of them came out waving a white flag, and the IDF unit shot all three and killed two. One ran back into the house, ran out the back door and another unit shot him a second time, and killed him,” Ben Hilton explained.

“From our armchair (perspective) it sounds inexcusable”, Ben said. “It’s easy to say, how could you not see that he was waving a white flag, how could you not see that he was in civilian clothes? But this is brutal urban warfare, the stuff nightmares are made of. And these IDF units are some of the best at urban warfare in the world, because they have had to deal with this stuff over and over again, in Jenin, in Shechem (Arab Nablus, from the Roman Flavia Neapolis), in Ramallah and other Arab cities, where they’ve had to go in and fight terrorists house to house. Also, Israel has invested a lot of R&D into developing better urban warfare equipment, training and tactics. These guys really know what they’re doing.”

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This means the odds are “this was not a cut-and-dried situation,” Ben said.

“There are reports from other IDF units in those neighborhoods that Hamas has been setting traps in all kinds of ways,” Ben Hilton said, “including waving white flags and baiting the units with wounded Arab women, begging for help, with childen, with children’s toys, the list goes on.”

All the Hamas units are wearing strictly civilian clothes, Ben pointed out, saying it was “not implausible” that Hamas had “baited Israeli units with the promise of rescuing hostages before.”

This may “not have been the first time these (IDF soldiers) had come up against ‘Israeli hostages’ that were in fact Hamas fighters,” Ben observed, “who come out waving a white flag, speaking Hebrew, whatever.”

“These Hamas guys aren’t stupid,” Ben said. “They’ve been fighting this kind of urban warfare for a very long time. They’re also animals. There’s no rules, no  sense of decency for them. They hide behind cowardice. So it’s very probable they had baited IDF units with this exact type of scenario before multiple times.”

In another video, Luke Hilton from the Israel Guys showed how Hamas dresses up Israeli hostages to look like Hamas terrorists, to try and get them killed by friendly fire.

Watch: SHOCKING Video Shows Israeli Hostages Being Mistreated by Hamas

In the newest video from the Israel Guys, Justin Hilton revealed how “evidence continues to emerge regarding Hamas’s use of hospitals as bases of operation and screens for their terrorist activities. In recent days, the IDF released a video of an interrogation of a Gaza hospital driector in which he admits to being recruited as a Hamas commander to turn the Al-Adwa hospital into military facilities. He explained how Hamas would prioritize their missions over the welfare of patients at the hospital, and that they would rather murder jews than save Palestinian lives.”

In the footage published on Tuesday by the Shin Bet scecurity service, director of Gaza’s Kamal Adwan hospital Ahmed Kahlot told Israeli forces that 16 members of the hospital’s staff – doctors, nurses and paramedics – were members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas. Kahlot held the rank of Lt. Colonel, he told the Shin Bet, and was recruited to turn Gaza’s medical centers into military installations.

The senior Hamas military officials and rooms to hide in in the hospitals, Kahlot said, because they know they will not be targeted in the hospitals. Close to a hundred Hamas terrorists were in his hospital, Kahlot said, and even hid an Israeli hostage there. “They all have private phone lines in the hospital,” Dr. Kahlot said.

“Hamas’s leaders are cowards,” Kahlot said. “They left us in the field while they hide. They destroyed us.”

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