After Colorado’s ruling, conservatives need a backup plan

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With a night to sleep on it and reflect, I thought I’d share some thoughts on the Colorado Supreme Court being the first to do the sort of thing that for most of the year I’ve been predicting we would start to see.

Let’s try to look at the court’s decision from several different angles.

Even if the U.S. Supreme Court sides with Trump and he gets all of the other prosecutions and lawsuits delayed until after the 2024 election, Colorado is showing us these people won’t stop.

People whose opinions I respect, including some who aren’t even in the Trump “ride-or-die” camp, believe the court’s decision is basically junk. Never forget this, however: We are not a nation of laws and never have been. We are a nation of political will, and we always will be.

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For example, imagine if the right-wing social media had existed following Roe v. Wade. “This is complete bunk. There’s no right to murder your kid in the Constitution, let alone an explicit right to privacy. This will get overturned.” Instead, Roe was the “law of the land” for half a century.

And while we’re at it, where in the Constitution was the mandate to overturn millennia of precedent on the definition of marriage?

You get the point. Almost nothing the spirit of the age has imposed through the courts has ever had any constitutional basis. And that is on purpose.

We are dealing with un-law. Things that aren’t merely unconstitutional but anti-Constitution. The intent is to undo us — not just to evolve or stretch fundamentals but to erase them.

Colorado gets ahead of the plan

That said, I’m guessing special counsel Jack Smith isn’t happy today, and here’s why.

Whatever Smith and his regime acolytes have planned — and rest assured, there is a plan — for it to be fully realized requires a slow burn. They can’t let us see the end before it’s too late to thwart it. It must seem as if all protocols were followed so that this is the logical conclusion.

They might say, “We charged Hunter Biden so we can charge Trump. We then put Trump on trial. After his ‘fair trial,’ he was convicted. Thus, the only logical conclusion once protocols were followed was to arrest and imprison the insurrectionist.”

I could be wrong, but I do not believe what the Colorado Supreme Court did on Tuesday is part of that plan. It was more of what we typically see from these communists — they just couldn’t contain themselves and had to act out.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s decision threatens to awaken people to a grim reality that Jack Smith and his ilk don’t want your normie friends and family to confront until the deed is done. Once it’s done, it cannot be undone and must be accepted as reality.

Don’t be comforted by this line of reasoning. The Colorado decision also shows that rot and hate run so deep on the left that even if somehow the U.S. Supreme Court sides with Trump and he gets all of the other prosecutions and lawsuits delayed until after the 2024 election, these people won’t stop.

The stakes in a must-win election

The Letitia Jameses and Jack Smiths of the world are legion. The line of Democratic Party operatives masquerading as judges, prosecutors, secretaries of state, and so on is longer than “In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida.” Many fiends are actually hoping Smith fails so they can supplant him and get the glory for the takedown instead. Stay thirsty, my friends.

I believe the goal of the Trump campaign has been to end this primary as soon as possible for two reasons.

First, Trump is in dire need of turning the right (donors, the party establishment, etc.) into a collective legal defense fund to be able to win the November general election. Second, that is an easier sell if Trump is the nominee and thus the marriage is consummated and our fates are intertwined.

But if too many primary voters grasp the real depths of Trump’s legal jeopardy too early, they might be prompted to say, “That’s too bad, but you can’t win, bro.”

Right now, the sentiment “they’re really persecuting Trump because they hate me” prevails on the right. But what if people find out how truly difficult it is going to be to drag Trump across the finish line in a must-win election?

At what point does it become, “What is happening to Trump is wrong, but we need to win”? Will it be when people realize court fights like the one in Colorado could be too expensive and too distracting to ensure Trump appears on enough ballots to reach 270 electoral votes, even if he is electable, down to the last day?

That is an unknown and the kind of variable that could reverb like a mutha. Trump 2024 needs that to remain unknowable until he’s coronated. Then it doesn’t matter. We no longer have time to consider it, since we’re all punching the same clock.

On the other hand, I hope this will wake some earnest and critical-thinking “ride-or-die” Trump people to prompt their team to finally have a plan beyond “win the nomination ASAP and hope for the best.” I pray what Colorado is trying to do awakens more people to the peril here.

Colorado’s GOP set the right tone

I love how the Colorado Republican Party responded to the decision by saying it won’t wait for the courts and just hope the right thing happens. Instead, party officials announced Wednesday they will check this judicial tyranny by switching to a caucus if need be.

I’m a big believer in solving problems with aggression. Best to make the wrong decision too quickly while there is time to correct course than to wait too long to make the right decision and miss the window of opportunity.

I hope the Colorado GOP’s response sets the tone here. Do not put all our eggs in the John Roberts basket. Stop throwing Hail Marys to the U.S. Supreme Court. Use all the means we have at our disposal now. Think outside the box. Look to be aggressive. Have a plan.

Furthermore, I think we need all the current GOP candidates to remain in the race for as long as possible. We need contingency plans. We need to let the process play itself out naturally because it makes it easier to unify when people feel they’ve had a say.

We cannot entrust to Ronna McDaniel and the RNC establishment what would happen if Trump is taken out or (far less likely now) if he suddenly becomes willing to accept a plea deal — assuming it was offered — to stay out of prison.

In either scenario, which isn’t likely but also not remote, we would want to make sure the candidates the people were actually voting for and vetting were the contingency plans and not whatever the GOP swamp decides to blast from its bowels.

Because the establishment’s choice is likely to be somebody who makes Nikki Haley look like Alex Jones. If Trump is to be coronated, let him take the throne like the alpha many think he is. Until then, we need options we know to counter more coup attempts like Colorado’s — not options Team GOP foists upon us.

Editor’s note: A version of this article appeared originally as a thread on X (formerly Twitter).

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