U.S. Closes Several Border Crossings to Contain Unprecedented Migrant Surge

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On Monday, there were more than 12,600 encounters with illegal aliens along the Southwestern border, a record for one day. It’s a record that is not going to last long, and that record of one-day encounters does not include another 4,500 still being processed. 


Agents at Eagle Pass, TX are dealing with an unprecedented situation. They are outnumbered 200 to 1.

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The government has closed three border crossings, much to the chagrin of businesses that depend on cross-border commerce with Mexico. But it’s a question of manpower. The border patrol can’t process the illegals fast enough or release them quickly enough to control the overwhelming numbers of people crashing the border.

There’s also a massive problem with 670,000 “gotaways.” These are illegals who evade the border patrol entirely and melt into the interior of the United States. Unless they commit a serious crime, they will live out their lives undisturbed.

The CBP also releases around 5,000 illegals a day to “non-government agencies.” These folks all have a nice, crisp piece of paper telling them when their court date is to plead their asylum case before an immigration judge. The wait is currently up to five years and gets longer every day.

There’s more. There are 30,000 Haitians, Venezuelans, Nicaraguans, and Cubans flown into the U.S. every month through the Biden administration’s expanded “lawful pathways” and over 1,600 migrants being paroled in at entry points to the U.S. every day. 

Yes, they are all very poor and in grave danger from gangs and criminals, and they come to America looking for a new life. They have inspiring stories, and they have made America the great country that it is. But anyone can see the extraordinary danger of uncontrolled immigration with millions of people thumbing their nose at the law and with most of them expecting the U.S. government (that’s us taxpayers) to care for them indefinitely.


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Compassion is a saintly virtue, as is charity. International law requires that we accept those in genuine danger of government oppression in their home countries. It also requires we accept people in imminent danger if they are returned to their country of origin.

What international asylum law does not require is giving everyone who lives in a nation with a corrupt government and corrupt businesses the right to stay in the United States if they sneak over the border for a better job and more money. More than a million people living in these same countries are filling out the forms, lining up at American consulates, going through background checks, and jumping through hoops to come to the United States legally. 

The rank unfairness of a system that allows those who make illegal entry into the U.S. to be in line ahead of those who are doing the right thing and coming here legally makes a mockery of “sanctuary cities” and any moral posturing of those who advocate for illegal aliens.

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