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Happy Tuesday, dear Kruiser Morning Briefing friends. Granerjin lifted many a spirit when completing another knit cap for an abandoned unboxed action figure. 


If it’s the World vs. Elon Musk, I’m taking Musk every time. Just thought I’d get that out of the way up front. 

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Elon Musk has been racking up quite the list of haters since he bought Twitter, renamed it X, and left all of us old school tweeters in media typing Twitter/X all the time. For the sake of convenience, I hope there is no more rebranding in the offing. 

The leftists are in a tizzy because Musk broke their stranglehold on social media. Well, the social media that anyone pays attention to. I think what really set them off in the beginning was not only that Musk purchased one of the crown jewels in social media, but that he did it on a whim. It was his casual, You commies are annoying, I think I’ll just buy the place, attitude that got the poor dears right in the feelings. 

Since then, it’s been War on Musk time. Celebs and leftmedia types began rending their garments as soon as the ink was dry on Musk’s contract for Twitter. With much fanfare, alternatives to Twitter were launched and the emotional weaklings announced that they would be fleeing for them en masse. 

They then kept coming back to Twitter to tell everyone that they weren’t on Twitter. 

It’s not just the braindead celebs who loathe Musk. He’s got a certain doddering fool highly placed in the United States government who can’t stand him, as Victoria writes:

On December 12, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr issued an extraordinary and very public missive on Twitter/X announcing why he believed Joe Biden’s government is harassing Musk. 

In a series of tweets, Carr did some dot-connecting for anyone still blind to what their government is doing to Musk. Carr accused Biden of giving the “green light to go after” Elon Musk with “regulatory harassment.” He wrote, “President Biden stood at a White House podium [and] stated that Elon Musk ‘is worth being looked at.’ When asked, ‘How?’ President Biden responded, ‘There’s a lot of ways.'” He tweeted, “There certainly are. The DOJ, FAA, FTC, NLRB, SDNY, & FWS have all taken action. The FCC now joins them.”


There’s that laser-like Biden focus on what is truly important in the world. Again, it’ll be a miracle if the United States makes it to the end of next year with this piece of garbage thug in charge of the Executive Branch. 

The Biden FCC’s move to screw Musk’s Starlink out of almost a billion dollars was, as Victoria quotes in her post, “regulatory harassment.” 

Biden is getting help from his Eurotrash buddies who are also notorious haters of freedom of expression. My colleague David Strom over at HotAir writes that the EU is now trying to shut Musk down over “disinformation,” which, of course, is commie code for “free speech.” David then hits the nail on the head about something that the celeb ditzes never think about when railing against Musk: 

Ironically, one of Musk’s only real assets in defending himself against the bureaucrats’ and politicians’ attacks is that NASA and the military rely on Musk’s SpaceX to access space. Musk’s billions protect him less than his monopoly on affordable launch services. Still, the politicians pour tens of billions into their preferred contractors–those who kiss their rings.

The military, though, actually needs to get things done occasionally. And NASA, by now, knows that ULA will never give them affordable launch capabilities. Boeing can’t even make a space capsule anymore.

All of the above is true but, regarding those billions, Musk still has more of them than anyone. Despite all of the caterwauling by the Left about Twitter losing money, Musk is still the wealthiest man in the world. 


As for the space stuff, no one is really competing with SpaceX right now. In fact, Amazon signed a deal at the beginning of the month for SpaceX to launch some of its satellites. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin isn’t up to the task. 

Elon Musk is taking everyone’s best shots right now and, to the chagrin of every lefty who tweeted the word “hellscape” for six months in reference Twitter/X, he’s doing just fine. 

As I wrote last month, the Left’s attempts to ruin Musk are all part of their 2024 presidential election tampering strategy. I said then that it wouldn’t work and, even after the government attacks on him since, I’m sticking with it. 

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