‘Shut the f**k up!’ Alec Baldwin accosted by pro-Palestine activists demanding he condemn Israel

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Alec Baldwin was confronted in New York City by contentious protesters supporting Palestine, asking if he denounces Israel.

Baldwin was seen in a video provided by the Daily Mail, standing in a crowd of police and protesters in New York City. As Baldwin listened to a conversation between police and a protester, another activist came up behind the actor and began questioning him.

With a phone camera in Baldwin’s face, the protester immediately became hostile.

After a muffled statement by the protester through a bandana, Baldwin replied, “What do you mean?”

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“You work in Hollywood. … Do you condemn Israel?” the seemingly young, seemingly male asked.

“You’ve already got your mind made up,” the 56-year-old declared. “I’m in Hollywood?” Baldwin rhetorically asked.

“Is that your answer?” the protester shockingly replied.

“You ask stupid questions,” Baldwin announced as he started getting in the smaller man’s face. “Ask me a smart question. Ask me a smart question,” he demanded.

The West 29th Street altercation was broken up by police, who then tried to escort Baldwin away from the fray. As police surrounded the actor, other activists began yelling things toward him from the crowd.

“Oh, big man!” was coupled with more questions of “Do you condemn Israel?!”

The same protester, now without a bandana covering his face, circled around to confront Baldwin again.

“Why’d you even come here?” he asked.

“I’m going down the street,” Baldwin simply replied, still being escorted from the scene by law enforcement.

Another voice from the crowd allegedly shouted, “Who the f**k do you think you are?” and “Go f**k yourself!” the Daily Mail reported.

“Shut the f**k up!” Baldwin reportedly chimed back as police ushered him away.

“Stop crying! I can’t believe you’re crying so much! Stop crying!” Baldwin went on as protesters continued to vehemently ask if he condemns Israel.

While moving between cars and the New York City sidewalks, Baldwin seemingly pointed toward a protester holding a camera and said, “I want peace for Gaza, though.”

The actor then escaped through a secured door in the side of a building.

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