Former NFL Player Gets LIT UP and Reminded of his Greatest Professional Failure After Making Racist Comment About White People in Football – Then He Tries Playing the Victim

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Former NFL running back Rashard Mendenhall set the sports world ablaze on Monday with a racist remark on X bashing white people involved in football. While the corporate media ignored Mendenhall’s comment, social media lit up the former player and brought back his most painful moment as a professional in the process.

Mendenhall, who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Arizona Cardinals, was triggered over white players analyzing football on television and decided to weigh in. He said they should shut up because they are “not even good at football.”

Mendenhall next called for replacing the Pro Bowl with a Black vs. White Bowl, assuming the Blacks would dominate. He then said he was better than the White’s “goat.”

Tom Brady and the NFL’s current best running back Christian McCaffery from the 49ers (who is white) were unavailable for comment.

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Not surprisingly, Mendenhall got lit up on social media for his disgusting comment. Many took time to remind Mendenhall of his greatest professional failure: fumbling away the 2011 Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers.

To add insult to injury, the player who caused the fumble was Packers legend Clay Matthews, who happens to be a white guy. Mendenhall refuses to acknowledge to this day he threw away the Steelers’ seventh Super Bowl.

Here are some of the most brutal posts:

After getting destroyed in the comments, Mendenhall tried playing the victim and doubled down on his insanely racist post.

It’s safe to say Mendenhall lacks any self-awareness and is completely blinded by his narcissism. Just imagine if a former white player had made a remotely similar comment.

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