New Hollywood Hate Flick: White People ‘The Most Dangerous Animal on the Planet’

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Hollywood has a new propaganda work designed to incite racial violence against white people called “The American Society of Magical Negroes.”

It’s easy to talk smack about the antifa footsoldiers of the Social Justice™ color revolution — and they deserve ridicule and scorn — but it’s far more important to target our ire at the real power structures driving it. In this case, that’s Focus Features, owned by Comcast, the largest (nominally) “American” multinational media corporation in the world.


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It’s bitterly ironic watching these propagandists frame the black protagonist in the film as walking on eggshells around white people, as if he is under some kind of implied threat, when anyone who’s spent any time in the real world in America — and I have, in public school in Atlanta — knows the precise inverse is true. White people are made to constantly mind their p’s and q’s so as not to inadvertently utter something arbitrarily deemed racist and incur the wrath of the powers that be.

Here’s my “lived experience,” as the Social Justice™ people like to say: I attended a small elementary school called Evansdale in Atlanta, GA. It was extremely racially diverse — actually diverse — in that I had immigrant classmates and friends from Pakistan, Tanzania, Korea, Georgia (the country), China, Russia, Denmark, etc. We all got along and it was great.

Then we were dumped into a 1,200-student middle school that was overwhelmingly black. On my first day, in the gym locker room, I laid out my gym clothes neatly on the end of a long and empty bench. A black kid I didn’t know came over, shoved my clothes onto the floor even though he had the whole bench available, and stared at me along with his three friends, who waited for me to say something. I said something, and he immediately said “f**k you, white boy,” clearly physically threatened violence, and that was the end of that. I didn’t do anything about it because I was terrified.


The proceeding two years went pretty much like that, as it did for my friends.

This was basically my daily reality there, thankfully minus the fatal stabbing:

It was nonstop racial violence and implied violence directed at white kids (and those of other races, particularly Asian) by black students. And no one ever did anything about it.

So when the corporate state media pushes this BS, it doesn’t work on me. On the contrary, it only hardens my opposition to them.

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