Solving America’s History and Civics Crisis

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History and civics education in America is languishing. A troubling number of Americans can’t even pass a U.S. citizenship test. 

Pioneer Institute‘s recent poll findings on the topic are “pretty sobering,” explains Chris Sinacola, the organization’s director of communications and media relations. 

The Pioneer Institute, a think tank based in Massachusetts, offers solutions for how schools and educators can ignite a passion for American history and solve the civics crisis facing the country in a new book, “Restoring the City on a Hill: U.S. History & Civics in America’s Schools.” 

In Pioneer’s poll, Massachusetts residents were asked questions drawn from the citizenship test

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The questions were about “things that new citizens, or aspiring U.S. citizens, need to know and they need to get 60% to pass,” Sinacola says, adding that “the average score among our citizens was 63%.”

“So you can say, ‘Yay, we passed, we can all remain citizens,’” he says, but it is a bit of an “indictment” when some Americans don’t know how long a U.S. senator’s term is or even how many members the Senate has.

“It’s a bit of a warning sign,” Sinacola says. 

Sinacola joins “The Daily Signal Podcast” to discuss America’s social studies crisis and how to correct the the course. 

Listen to the podcast below:

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