Here’s What Happened to the DOJ Official Who Tried to Protect Hunter Biden

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One of the most amusing things about Hunter Biden’s hissy fit on Capitol Hill this week was his claim that he’s only being targeted so Republicans can get to his father. I laughed when I first heard that because if it weren’t for his father, he’d already be serving time. In fact, had it not been for a couple of IRS whistleblowers exposing how the DOJ was interfering on Hunter’s behalf, his sweetheart plea deal likely would have survived and he’d be a free man with a clean slate.


But the deal fell through, the case against Hunter Biden is moving forward, and he was indicted on new federal charges last week. All this tees up a lengthy legal battle alongside the 2024 election and Joe Biden’s potential impeachment.

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Now it looks like the Department of Justice is quietly moving the officials who allegedly interfered on Hunter Biden’s behalf out of the department.

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“A federal prosecutor who allegedly interfered in the criminal investigation of Hunter Biden to protect both President Biden and his son recently left the Justice Department,” according to a report from the New York Post. “Former Delaware assistant US attorney Lesley Wolf’s quiet departure emerged as she appeared for a deposition with the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday morning — following the Wednesday night House vote to formally authorize the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden over his role in his son and brother’s foreign business dealings.”

The report continues:

Wolf’s starring role in the alleged Justice Department coverup of the criminal investigation of alleged tax fraud and foreign-lobbying violations is a significant part of the impeachment inquiry — with whistleblowers saying that she discouraged asking witnesses questions “about the big guy” or “dad,” referring to Joe Biden, claiming there was “no specific criminality to that line of questioning.” 

Two IRS agents who worked on the criminal investigation, Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler, alleged in prior testimony to House committees that Wolf tipped off Hunter Biden’s lawyers to investigative steps and forbade inquiries into Joe Biden, even when communications mentioned him. 

Wolf allegedly instructed FBI agents in August 2020 to remove references to Joe Biden from a search warrant affidavit, writing, “someone needs to redraft [the affidavit]… There should be nothing about Political Figure 1 in here,” according to an email released by the Ways & Means Committee.

“That email, I think, is super important because it’s a one-off example in writing of the constant concern of following investigative leads that might lead to Joe Biden,” Ziegler said Thursday in a Fox News interview.

“The FBI agents who drafted that affidavit, they believed that they had sufficient evidence — probable cause — to support including Political Figure 1 in that affidavit,” said the self-identified Democrat and veteran IRS agent, who worked on the case for five years.


It’s interesting, isn’t it? Wolf claims that her decision to leave predated the accusation against her, and, as you might expect, she played the victim card.

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“My desire to serve my community and my country, such a great source of pride, has recently come at significant cost. As a private person, the once routine and mundane details of my life have become the subject of public interest in an invasive and disturbing manner,” she said in her opening remarks during her closed-door deposition Thursday. “Far worse, I have been threatened and harassed, causing me to fear for my own and my family’s safety.”

If it’s true, no one deserves that kind of treatment, but if she protected Hunter Biden to protect Joe Biden, she deserves all the criticism she’s received. 

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