‘Trump as Dicator’ Is a Simple Case of Left-wing Projection

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I’ve written before of the left’s growing hysteria about Trump leading to wild assumptions about what a Trump presidency would look like. “The Left Sees a Trump Dictatorship Because They Have No Faith in America,” I wrote recently.


Matt Margolis wrote last month, “The Media Keeps Warning That Trump Will Do What Biden is Already Doing.” Indeed, it’s amusing to watch the left get hysterical about a Trump “dictatorship” when Biden is already giving Trump an instruction manual on how to set up an authoritarian regime.

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Biden is trying to circumvent the Constitution, finding so-called “workarounds” to give a fig leaf of legitimacy to his unconstitutional proposals. And when the courts strike down the workarounds, Biden simply ignores them and imposes his will anyway. An example is the student loan fiasco, where Biden tried to cancel a trillion dollars in debt with the stroke of a pen. 

The Supreme Court blocked that effort, but do you think that stopped Biden from finding workarounds to the court’s decision? He used and abused his limited authority to cancel several hundred billion dollars in student loan debt anyway. These moves are being challenged in court and will probably be undone, but the brazenness of Biden in defying the rule of law should make all those worried about a Trump dictatorship sit up and take notice.

It won’t, of course. But it reveals the dripping hypocrisy of Trump critics who wouldn’t know “true” dictatorship even if it came up and bit them in the butt.


Wall Street Journal:

His administration has failed to enforce the nation’s immigration laws, paroling millions of migrants into the U.S. rather than detaining them at the border or holding them in Mexico while they await hearings. The immigration-court backlog has doubled to two million since 2019 amid a surge of migrants exploiting lax law enforcement.

The top brass has threatened social-media companies with retribution, including antitrust lawsuits, if they don’t censor speech that progressives dislike. The Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in September ruled that Biden officials had violated the First Amendment by colluding with tech platfoms to squelch politically disfavored speech about Covid and elections.

To an extent never before seen in American history, Joe Biden has weaponized the federal government to attack and attempt to destroy those who disagree with him. Who’s the real “threat to democracy”?

Abuse executive power. Ignore the law. Run roughshod over individual liberties. Retaliate against political opponents. Mr. Biden and his allies have done exactly what they warn Mr. Trump will do if he returns to the White House. Unlike Mr. Biden, however, Mr. Trump would have to contend with a hostile media and federal bureaucracy that would be throwing pots, pans and candlesticks at him at every step.

The left’s depictions of Mr. Trump as a tyrant are likely to fall on deaf ears with GOP voters who have heard leftists say the same for years, and not only about Mr. Trump.


As long as Biden is acting unconstitutionally to promote an agenda that the left agrees with, they won’t raise much of a stink. It’s because the left really doesn’t believe in “democracy,” or America, for that matter. The law impedes achieving “social justice” and needs to be ignored or done away with to achieve the larger goals of equity and inclusion.

But Trump is a threat to the republic?

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