Rabid leftists fired from coffee shop after blocking Jewish customer from entering restroom to document anti-Semitic graffiti

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A trio of rabid leftist employees have been fired from an Oakland coffee shop after they were caught on video blocking a Jewish customer from entering a restroom so she could document anti-Semitic graffiti.

What’s the background?

Cellphone video shows the trio of Farley’s East employees — two masked females and one unmasked male — blocking the woman from entering the restroom.

The male is heard telling the woman she already got her food and that she’s “holding up s**t.”

One of the females tells the customer that “this is private property” and tells her to leave the coffee shop.

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“I want to go into the restroom,” the woman says repeatedly.

The male employee remarks, “I know Israel loves taking private property and saying it’s their own …”

A female employee accuses the customer of “misgendering” — though the context of the accusation isn’t clear.

The customer says it’s her right to enter the restroom, to which the male employee replies, “And we have a right to refuse service.”

The employees blocking the customer also tell the determined woman she can use the coffee shop’s other restroom — just not the one they’re blocking.

The customer digs in her heels and refuses to leave — and then challenges the employees, saying that if they “agree” with the graffiti in the restroom, they shouldn’t be afraid of her documenting it.

With that, she’s allowed to enter the restroom, where she records video showing the graffiti. One message read, “Zionism = fascism”:

Image source: X video screenshot via @stillgray

The other graffiti read, “Your neutrality … is enabling genocide”:

Image source: X video screenshot via @stillgray

The male employee is heard telling the woman, “History didn’t start in 1948, lady,” while another tells her, “Free Palestine,” as she departs.

Content warning: Language:

Initial apology draws angry responses

Farley’s East apologized on its Facebook page last week — a post that has since been taken down. While the apology note indicated the shop has “taken corrective measures with our staff and removed the offensive graffiti” and that “we’re not anti-Semitic,” a deluge of angry comments poured in — as of Friday afternoon, the apology post had drawn nearly 6,000 comments and nearly 3,000 angry emojis.

Conservative commentator Jason Rantz told Farley’s East, “This is a pathetic apology. No comment about the antisemitic staff?”


Farley’s East posted a new Facebook statement Saturday saying the three employees caught on video had been fired.

“Events like these strike fear in the Jewish community and perpetuate the rise of anti-Semitism in our community and around the world. We do not tolerate any behavior at Farley’s that makes people feel unwelcome or unsafe,” the statement read, in part, adding that “though all employees are entitled to hold differing viewpoints, they are not entitled to express themselves on the job in ways that are disrespectful and hurtful to anyone.”

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