Harvard Prez Gay Responds to Plagiarism Charges: “I stand by the integrity of my scholarship!”

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Harvard President Claudine Gay has been embattled since she told Congress that saying one wants to “genocide all the Jews” was not ‘hate speech’ under her interpretation.

Sunday night, Chris Rufo from the Manhattan Institute broke the news that it appears as though Dr. Gay fudged her PhD thesis. And Rufo brought the receipts, listing out example after example where substantial passages show that major uncited academic appropriations happened between Claudine Gay and many other scholars in her field.

Rufo has outlined even more details of President Gay’s plagiarism on his Substack.

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Yet, Gay is defiant and says that she “…stands by the integrity of my scholarship.”

Gay is meeting with the Harvard Board who is reportedly upset over her handling of the situation, which has caused many powerful and wealthy Jewish benefactors to Harvard to withdraw donations, threaten to stop doing business with the college, and resign in protest.

Gay’s full statement to the Boston Globe was:

“I stand by the integrity of my scholarship. Throughout my career, I have worked to ensure my scholarship adheres to the highest academic standards.”

If Rufo is right, Claudine Gay helped draft the anti-plagiarism rules, Harvard’s academic integrity code, that she is now accused of violating.

Overnight even international pressure and media is urging Claudine Gay to step down.

Earlier this week MIT President Sally Kornbluth survived a no-confidence motion after she, in the same hearing with Harvard President Gay, said that someone verbalizing a desire to “genocide the Jews” was not necessarily a violation of their speech code policy.

Most colleges have instituted, and rigidly enforce, speech codes… against conservatives. The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education tracks speech codes around the country. College administrators like speech codes when it suits their purposes.

Gay is the first African American President of Harvard, taking office this past year. And yet her tenure has been brief, with even tired publications of the neoliberal order are writing editorials urging her to resign.

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