Shattering the Myth that Holocaust Denial is More Prevelant on the Right

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Is Holocaust denial a disease of the right or the left? The mainstream media would have you believe that denying the Holocaust is akin to white supremacy and, therefore, a problem of the extreme right. 


But a YouGov poll from Friday tells a different story. 

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YouGov asked 1,500 adults if they agreed or disagreed that “the Holocaust is a Myth.” Ten percent of Democrats agreed with that statement, double the number of Republicans.

Ideologically, 7% of liberals denied the Holocaust and 6% of conservatives.

It’s worse for Democrats in big cities. Fourteen percent of Democrats in urban areas denied the Holocaust while just 5% of Republicans in rural strongholds denied it.

Seven percent of Biden supporters deny the Holocaust while 6% of Trump voters did. Overall, 11% of Democrats denied the Holocaust while just 8% of Republicans denied it.

The results reflect an evolution from 1962 when President Reagan, Senator Goldwater — whose father was Jewish — and the publisher of National Review, William F. Buckley, met at Palm Beach, Florida, to strategize against radicalism.

New York Sun:

At the Breakers resort, Reagan, Buckley, and Goldwater resolved to denounce the John Birch Society’s fringe beliefs. Their efforts are credited as beginning a purge of antisemitism from the conservative movement, and the YouGov results testify to their success.

Despite lawn signs declaring “Hate Has No Home Here,” now the left is infected with the oldest bigotry. It’s a thorny problem since Holocaust denial is strongest in the youths upon whom  Democratic hopes for future electoral victories lie.


Perhaps worst of all from the Democrat’s point of view, they have a huge Holocaust denial problem among their youthful voters.

Among voters between 18 and 29, who supported Mr. Biden 62-to-35 percent over Mr. Trump, 20 percent agreed that “the Holocaust is a myth.” Zero percent of those over 65 — who favored Mr. Trump by three points — said the same.

Apathy was on display, too. Twenty-six percent of those under 30 said they “neither agree nor disagree” that the Holocaust was a myth. Twenty percent of Democrats also straddled the fence compared to 13 percent of Republicans.

On whether “the Holocaust has been exaggerated,” seven percent of Mr. Biden’s 2020 voters agreed against six percent of Mr. Trump’s. The number was eight percent among liberals and six for conservatives.

Twenty percent denial of the Holocaust is a ghastly reflection on public education in America. That’s unfathomable. We are less than two generations removed from the event and the collective memory wipe of young leftists is beyond understanding. 

In 2020, a poll commissioned by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany documented the same trend.

It gets even worse. Twenty-three percent of voters under 30 believe the Holocaust has been “exaggerated” compared to just 2% over 65. “Almost 20 percent in deep-blue New York — the highest number of any state — believed “Jews caused the Holocaust.,” according to The Sun.


“The results are both shocking and saddening,” wrote the president of the Conference, Gideon Taylor, in announcing the Conference survey. He added that it “needs to serve as a wake-up call to us all, and as a road map of where government officials need to act.”

This won’t stop the left from continuing to promote the myth that the right is the home of Holocaust denial. But anyone who cares to know the truth can find it without too much trouble.

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