Saira Rao says Taylor Swift is Time’s person of the year because white people love ‘black and brown genocide’

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An infamous activist was mocked and ridiculed after she claimed that Taylor Swift was declared Time’s person of the year because white people love “black and brown genocide.”

Time magazine announced the incredibly popular singer and songwriter was its person of the year on Wednesday and faced immediate backlash from many different corners of the internet.

One of the more bizarre critiques came from Saira Rao, the leftist activist known for writing “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better.” She has also coordinated “Race2Dinner Experiences,” where white woman can be berated by minorities about racism and white supremacy.

She blamed Swift for not stopping the military action of Israel in the Gaza strip, a power most people don’t recognize she possesses.

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“The white American woman billionaire who could end the genocide of Palestinians with on IG post is TIME Person of The Year,” wrote Rao.

“White nonsense, white violence, white love of Black and brown genocide,” she added.

Many on Twitter lambasted Rao for the bizarre criticism.

“Just imagine — white women pay for this person to yell at them over dinner,” replied Ben Shapiro.

“Wow. This desire for Instagram white saviorism by an American woman billionaire really speaks to some internalized racism that should probably be deconstructed by a Karen over a dinner party for which you pay a couple thousand bucks, so you can decenter your centering of Taylor,” responded commentator Mary Katherine Ham.

“Apparently, it’s not enough for Taylor Swift to be a wildly successful musician and entrepreneur, she must also solve Israel-Palestine or else she’s a monster,” wrote Angela Morabito.

Others took the occasion to ridicule Rao.

“I’m sorry, this is the funniest tweet of all time,” responded culture editor Sonny Bunch.

The community note on the missive also ridiculed the idea set forth by Rao.

“Historically, conflicts and wars have not ended due to Instagram posts. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely that an Instagram post made by Taylor Swift will end the war in Gaza,” the note read.

Rao is also known for saying all Republicans are Nazis and that seeing the U.S. flag made her want to vomit.

Here’s more about Rao’s liberal activism:

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