Some Republicans want to defund the UN, and they plan to push legislation to do so

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Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah indicated that he will file a measure to defund the United Nations. Some House Republicans will also push legislation to yank funding away from the globalist organization.

“Tomorrow I will file by bill to #DefundTheUN. Please like and repost if you’d like to see that bill become law,” Lee tweeted on Wednesday.

“So will I :)” GOP Rep. Chip Roy of Texas wrote in response to Lee’s post.

“The UN doesn’t deserve a single DIME of American taxpayer money,” a tweet from the “Rep. Chip Roy Press Office” X account reads. “That’s why Rep. Roy is looking forward to introducing House legislation alongside @RepMikeRogersAL and @SenMikeLee that would DEFUND it.”

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While the prospect of pulling funding from the U.N. will certainly appeal to conservatives, such legislation will likely be dead on arrival since it will likely not have enough support to move through Congress.

In addition to expressing support for cutting off U.N. funding, Lee has also suggested, “While we’re at it, let’s expel them too.”

During remarks last week, U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres, a climate alarmism proponent, spoke of “the sickness bringing our climate to its knees. A sickness only you, global leaders, can cure.” He asserted that “Earth’s vital signs are failing.”

Some of the nations that are currently members of the U.N.’s Human Rights Council include China and Cuba.

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