German FM Baerbock Scolds Hungarian PM Orbán Over His Vetoes of Ukrainian EU Ascension and Further Military Aid for Kiev

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Germans will be Germans.

For a long time, any European Union action meant basically doing Germany’s bidding. And it may or not have made sense to do so, in the past.

But since at least since 2015, Germans have championed a frankly suicidal policy of open borders ushering in an age of unchecked mass migration that has all but destroyed the social fabric of so many European societies.

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The current governing coalition led by Chancellor Olaf Scholz is extremely unpopular and dysfunctional in many ways – but they still feel entitled to dictate the direction in which Europe must follow.

Slovakia Goes to the Polls and May Distance Itself From Ukraine – Bratislava Has Banned Grain From Kiev – Ex-PM Robert Fico Poised to Win and Turn Country Away From War

And so it happened that, during a meeting in Ljubljana,  Slovenia, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock rebuked Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán for his vetoes on launching EU membership talks with Ukraine, and also of approving new financial aid for Kiev.

Conservative Champion Orbán is the man the MSM loves to hate. The suspected reasons for his vetoes are a) he is ‘determined to derail support for Ukraine’ – a.k.a. ‘Putin’s puppet’, or b) blackmail of Brussels, to unblocking EU funds.

This is incredibly dishonest, since the list of Hungarians grievances is long and very serious. Did you know that the Hungarian minority in Ukraine is forbidden to use their mother tongue in school? There you go:

Read: Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán Calls Kiev’s Quick Ascension to the EU ‘Unrealistic’ – Budapest Demands Right of Ethnic Hungarians in Ukraine to Use Their Language in School

Baerbock was mad at Orbán’s letter to to European Council President Charles Michel, urging him to remove talks on Ukraine accession from the agenda of next week’s EU leaders’ summit.

Politico reported:

“’We have no time for games at this moment’, Baerbock said in Ljubljana. ‘If we are in a situation where peace in Europe is under attack, then we must do everything we can every day and every hour to protect our people, and even more so the people of Ukraine, in the best possible way’.

The EU had planned to approve the launch of enlargement talks and the disbursement of €50 billion in financial support for Ukraine during its December 14-15 summit. But those steps require unanimity among all 27 EU leaders, allowing Orbán to threaten a veto.”

Read: Hungary’s Orbán Becomes the Nemesis of Ukraine’s EU Dreams: Opposes Beginning of Ascension Talks, and Is Poised to Block €50B Military Aid

“Slovenian Foreign Minister Tanja Fajon also criticized Orbán during the press conference: ‘I do not accept blackmail’, she said, adding that countries which made reform efforts to become an EU member ‘must not become victims of national politics’.

Baerbock also hot out at Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić for his Russia ties.

“Turning to Serbia, Baerbock criticized Vučić for walking a fine line between aligning with the EU and Russia at the same time, while also stoking tensions with Kosovo.

‘When we talk about enlargement, it’s crucial that you cannot sit on two chairs at the same time’, the German foreign minister said.”

Read more:

Slovakia Goes to the Polls and May Distance Itself From Ukraine – Bratislava Has Banned Grain From Kiev – Ex-PM Robert Fico Poised to Win and Turn Country Away From War

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