John Fetterman trolls Bob Menendez and George Santos by having an apparently unwitting Santos make a video for ‘Bobby’

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Democratic Sen. John Fetterman of Pennsylvania trolled Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey and former Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) by enlisting an apparently unwitting Santos to create a video for “Bobby.”

Fetterman appears to have used


, a platform, which Santos is on, that allows people to pay celebrities to make videos.

“I thought my ethically-challenged colleague @BobMenendezNJ could use some encouragement given his substantial legal problems. So, I approached a seasoned expert on the matter to give ‘Bobby from Jersey’ some advice,” Fetterman





to Fetterman by writing, “I love this! I wish I knew the Bobby in question! LOL.”

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In the video to “Bobby,” Santos referred to people who want to “kick you out and make you run away,” declaring, “you make ’em put up or shut up. You stand your ground sir.”

The House of Representatives


to expel Santos last week, ousting him from Congress before the end of his term. Reacting to the expulsion during an appearance on “The View,” Fetterman said that Menendez has done “much more sinister … kinds of things” and “needs to go.”

Nebraska State Sen. Megan Hunt said her friend gave her a Santos video. “Gift of the year from my friend Rebecca. Thank you @MrSantosNY!” Hunt


when sharing the video. “To be clear, George Santos is a transphobic fool who has defrauded and harmed people, who says what he has to say to get attention and probably doesn’t actually hold any personal moral convictions, and I also agree with the advice in this video,” she



“Transphobic??? Gurlll take several seats and try again. My best friend is a trans woman whom like me doesn’t agree with child sex changes or chemical castration,” Santos



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