Psychologist has compelling take on black reparations

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Dr. Umar Johnson is a black American motivational speaker and psychologist. He’s been a controversial figure on the left for his denunciation of homosexuality and interracial marriage and a controversial figure on the right for supporting black reparations.

However, his approach to reparations is anything but conventional.

Jason Whitlock plays a clip of Dr. Johnson explaining “how he’s pro-reparations but doesn’t think they should be given right now.”

“Before there’s any reparations conversation, before there’s any distribution of reparations, we have to first organize and elect the people we want to represent us,” he said. “Because every penny you get from reparations is gonna go to the China man, to the Arab, to the Jew; it’s going to Mercedes, it’s going to Nike.”

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“Then black people say, ‘You don’t know that that’s true.’ Yes, I do know that that’s true … because as a psychologist, the best predictor of future behavior is current behavior,” he continued.

“So you mean to tell me we’re going to radically change our spending habits with the reparations money? It’s not going to happen when you’ve never been responsible with your own damn money, and that’s why I’ve said I do not believe that the current generation of African people should be responsible for the dissemination or discussion over reparations because we haven’t done anything worthwhile that will entitle us to that type of responsibility.”

Jason, who’s openly “anti-reparations,” disagrees but nonetheless appreciates Dr. Johnson “being uncomfortably transparent and honest.”

“Reparations? What are we gonna do with it? Fly around the country and go to Beyonce concerts and buy new Air Jordans?” asks Jason, in agreement with Dr. Johnson.

Guest Shemeka Michelle adds that according to a 2022 report, “blacks actually had a $1.6 trillion spending power.”

“Where are the black hospitals? Where are the black banks? Where are the black grocery stores?” she asks. “We’re so materialistic as a culture.”

Jason, however, has an idea that might be a compromise.

“If there’s going to be any sort of reparations, it should be about investing in the black family, and investing in the black family means investing in the black man and putting him in a position where he can actually lead a family,” he says.

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