Republicans Oust Santos, Don’t Hold Biden, Mayorkas Accountable

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As usual, Republicans are doing their best to sabotage themselves while ignoring blatant Democrat criminality and corruption. Solid America-First Republican George Santos was just expelled in an unprecedented action, while the GOP takes no decisive action on holding Joe Biden accountable.


As PJ Media’s Jon Del Arroz reported, Santos, who was expelled for alleged “ethical abuses,” is only the sixth member of Congress to be expelled and the first to be expelled in more than 20 years. He has been accused in the (biased) media of alleged abuse of campaign funds — emphasis on alleged — to which he has pleaded “not guilty.” While the allegations of fraud would indeed be serious if proven in court, the trial for federal charges doesn’t occur until September 2024. The House Ethics Committee claims to have evidence of Santos improperly spending money on purchases including Botox and an OnlyFans account.

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Considering that dozens of congressmen get money from China-linked sources, and there have been allegations of pervasive sexual perversion in Washington, D.C., it seems strange that the GOP is all of a sudden righteously outraged about only one out of many corrupt politicians. Remember, this is the same Ethics Committee that was uninterested in investigating radical leftist Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) for violating federal law. Meanwhile Republicans will lose a Congressional seat. And don’t hold your breath for pro-terrorist representatives or outright liars like Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) and Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) to be expelled.


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And we know from the past and present, with Clarence Thomas, Ken Paxton, and Donald Trump as just three examples, that media and Uniparty politicians have a habit of trumping up false or exaggerated accusations against Republicans to ruin them. Even if the allegations are true, they only care about the crimes when it comes to more conservative politicians. 

Did Santos lie? Yes. Many of his lies were simply silly, like claiming he was a volleyball star at Baruch College, which he reportedly did not attend. The fact remains that he stood more for his constituents’ interests than some RINO Republicans and that he bravely challenged the CCP and its infiltration in America.

In other words, Santos was eager to take on the nation’s greatest and most dangerous existential enemy, which almost no congressmen are willing to do. Is he ideal? Of course not — but we’re dealing with modern politics. 

I don’t know any politicians that aren’t either dishonest, morally flawed, or bought off. Even supposedly saintly Mike Johnson ensured that the catastrophic spending bill would pass as soon as he took over the speakership, betraying American taxpayers. As disappointing as it is, sometimes imperfect tools are the best we have.


As far as I’m concerned, I’d rather have an embarrassing congressman who takes on the U.S.-hating CCP than a useless congressman who takes Chinese money or ignores the CCP threat. The former will help ensure our survival; the latter will not stop our demise.

Which brings us to Joe Biden. There’s ever more evidence of his corruption and foreign money laundering — including with our enemy Communist China. He certainly violated the law in his illicit stashing of classified documents before he became president, and he is likely guilty of a felony. He has trampled the Constitutional rights of many Americans, particularly the Jan. 6 political prisoners

Yet all Republicans do about him is release statements and occasionally hold hearings. How much evidence do they want before taking action? How disastrous must the nation’s situation be before the GOP feels the need to take action?

Then there’s Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. PJ Media’s Matt Margolis explained in November:

Mayorkas has been a target for impeachment over his mishandling of the southern border. After inheriting a secure southern border, the Biden administration instituted open-border policies, creating a humanitarian and security crisis. Within months of Biden taking office, there were reports of overflowing migrant facilities and immigrant children being kept in deplorable conditions and reportedly sexually assaulted. This crisis has also seen a huge influx of fentanyl crossing the border and an unknown number of migrant children being sex trafficked. In addition to the border crisis, Mayorkas punished Border Patrol agents over whippings he knew never actually happened. He has been accused of lying under oath to Congress.


And yet eight Republicans saved Mayorkas from impeachment.

All I predict from this debacle is that the Democrats will get back a seat that should’ve been held by Republican Santos. Republicans never take action, it seems, except when they are sabotaging themselves. If they don’t get the votes in the 2024 election that they anticipate, they will have themselves to blame.

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