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Is it ignorance of the truth, or are they just outright lying to America? Karine Jean-Pierre went to the podium and started with this statement that would not live through any fact-check filter.

MS. JEAN-PIERRE: So, here’s the thing. When we walked into this administration, the economy was on a tailstin — a tailspin — that is the fact — because of the last administration, because of the Trump administration, because of how they dealt with — dealt with COVID and the pandemic, because they didn’t have a comprehensive plan.

The President came in. He passed the American Rescue Plan, which was able to get the economy back on its feet, which was able to open up small businesses — small businesses were able to open up. Schools were able to open up. 

And we understand what Americans have been feeling over the last two, three years. It’s going to take some time. We get that. It’s going to take some time. But it does not take away how we have seen the economy getting back on its feet. We actually had to fix the problem that we saw that the last administration left us.

How do you walk to the podium as the spokesperson for the President of the United States and deliver such a factless statement? Even more egregious is nobody in the room challenged her, and that is a fact.

Let’s examine the tailspin she referred to. In the first quarter of 2021, the first of the Biden Administration, the economy grew at 6%, and inflation was less than 1.5%. Both are stats that any Administration would want to brag about, but not Joe Biden’s Administration. In his first six months in office, Biden threw every tool in the box into the economic machine and broke it. All he had to do was nothing. Had he taken the oath and flown off to Rehoboth, the economy would have continued its “tailspin” to post-Covid prosperity. Biden slowed the economy to less than 2% growth and nearly 10% inflation. That is a tailspin, Karine. That is the “fix” the Biden team gave the American people, and it destroyed dreams and set people back in such a way it may take generations to recover.

Biden’s MO is to use Executive Orders, Mandates, and spending Trillions, which created the inflation that has been the post-COVID epidemic impacting every American. The Fed has been raising interest rates to combat the money Biden has flooded into the economy. Those hikes have raised credit card rates to over 30% and mortgage rates to 8%. These rates are crippling personal budgets and killing the dreams of most young people who want to own their homes instead of renting. Many experts feel this influx of fake money in the economy is fueling artificial market growth and that a recession is still probable in 2024. Biden says nothing about this possibility or urging Americans to prepare. It is irresponsible, but can we expect a better effort from Biden now? Probably not.

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I am unsure which is Biden’s greatest sin: the bad policies or the constant contortion of the truth. The problem is the lies become sound bites for the mainstream media, and that is what the majority of America sees and hears. It is gaslighting at its best, which, we have found, is one thing the Biden Administration has down pat.

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