Alan Dershowitz: Alleged Rise of Islamophobia at Universities ‘Fake’

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On the latest episode of “Life, Liberty & Levin” on Fox News, famed lawyer and Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz scoffed at the idea that there’s a rise of Islamophobia on college campuses today.


“Let me ask you this, Alan — we have a very big bureaucracy. We have a huge Department of Justice Civil Rights Division. We have a huge Civil Rights Division and another big bureaucracy called the Department of Education,” began host Mark Levin. “Donald Trump signed an executive order, which gives those authorities the power to act against anti-Semitism and threats on college campuses. Maybe they’re doing it here and there. I’m not seeing a big push. I’m not hearing from the attorney general. I’m not hearing from the head of either Civil Rights Division. What the hell is going on?”

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Dershowitz explained how he was at the White House when Trump announced the executive order and how he congratulated him on it despite the fact Dershowitz is not a Republican. 

“I congratulated him for his great efforts in getting the administration behind this effort to root out anti-Semitism,” he said. “It hasn’t worked. In fact, what’s happened, and it’s this administration and Biden as well, whenever they talk about anti-Semitism, they say, ‘and Islamophobia.’ I’ve got news for you. There is no Islamophobia at any university in the United States. It’s a fake. It’s virtue parading. Oh, we have to fight anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. Let me tell you who the anti-Semites are. They are largely, not completely, the radical Muslims who claim to be victims of Islamophobia. This is a one-sided issue.”


In fact, real incidents of Islamophobia are so hard to come by that a Palestinian man in Ohio faked an Islamophobic hate crime last month. Unfortunately, too many people on the left choose to pretend this isn’t a one-sided issue.

“Only Jews and pro-Israel Christians on campus today are being attacked,” Dershowitz insisted. “Muslims are not being attacked. Arab’s pro — they’re the privileged groups. They’re the ones who get the benefits. They’re the ones who get the advantages from teachers. They’re the ones who get the good recommendations. But if you say you’re pro-Israel, if you wear a kippah or a Star of David, you are not getting fair treatment at American universities today, and there has to be a response from the government, or else we’re going to bring lawsuits. 

“You know, hurt a Jew, we sue you,” he continued. “That’s going to be our new motto, and we’re not going to allow this kind of pushing around. As we’ve heard before, this happened in the 1930s. Harvard welcomed Nazis. Yale had a pledge that said, we won’t fight against the Nazis. People marched through the streets of New York, doing Heil Hitler’s and swastikas.”


Dershowitz then expressed his commitment to rooting out Hamas and Hamas supporters at colleges, universities, and other places. Unfortunately, I doubt he’ll get any help or encouragement from the Biden administration. Earlier this month, the White House responded to the explosion of anti-Semitic incidents nationwide by unveiling a national strategy to counter Islamophobia.

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