March For Israel Ignored by Biden Administration

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After weeks of Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Hamas demonstrations and walks in America and worldwide, it is now time for a Pro-Israel demonstration in Washington, D.C., as thousands of Israeli supporters from every state in the Union unite on the National Mall. It will be interesting to see the coverage of this event by the mainstream media. MSM has been laser-focused on the Pro-Palestinian supporters and called for cease-fires in unison. The President has been playing both sides in this dispute so he does not offend either. Doing this has upset the supporters of Israel, who do not want to hear about cease-fires, which will only aid Hamas by letting them regroup during any pause in the fighting. A cease-fire will also allow Hamas to move the hostages around, making recovery that much less likely. Anyone calling for a cease-fire is not a steadfast supporter of Israel. Joe Biden is not the supporter of Israel he claims to be, just like he is not a practicing Catholic, as he professes to be. Biden is a charlatan who will say whatever is needed to appease the person or group in front of him. That is not what a leader does.

Who attends the demonstration on Tuesday is noteworthy, but who is absent is more telling. This gathering of supporters is in D.C. Both President Biden and Vice President Harris are in town this morning, but neither will support the thousands marching today by showing up. Neither wants to offend the Radical Wing of the Party that supports Palestine, which does not exist, and Hamas. Again, this Administration would take a neutral stance rather than support the right and just position. It is a coward’s way of governing, but that is what we expect from Joe and Kamala. Also, it was far more critical for Biden and Harris to get to San Francisco to bend a knee for Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Security was evident today, and rightfully so. The last thing our splintered country needs is an altercation between Israeli and Palestinian supporters. There has been some destruction of property, including the defacing of the White House protective fence, and of course, we had the death of one Israel supporter in California. Still, we have not seen the type of violence and rage we saw at BLM or Antifa demonstrations in recent years. Mayor Bowser engaged the National Guard, and the Department of Homeland Security labeled this event a Level 1, the highest level of security.

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Congress prohibits the D.C. Police or the Parks Department from issuing crowd estimates for events in the nation’s capital, but media estimates were over 100,000. This is an important day and event for America and Israel. We have seen massive gatherings of people around the globe in support of Palestinians but also against Israel. It has been discouraging to see this animosity toward the Jewish people. It was overdue for Israel to see a show of support like the thousands who traveled to be on the Mall today. Our prayers were answered for a peaceful and positive demonstration, which is in stark contrast to the masses waving Palestinian flags and yelling death to Israel.

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