‘Man of the Year’ Kim Kardashian follows in Caitlyn Jenner’s footsteps

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Popular culture is mocking men into submission. GQ magazine naming supermodel Kim Kardashian as one of its “men of the year” is just the latest example of the relentless strategy to ridicule men and uproot the patriarchy.

Go ahead. Shrug your shoulders. Roll your eyes. Blow it off. Chalk it up as another harmless troll job. Yeah, that’s all it is. Anyone offended by Gentlemen’s Quarterly splashing a curvy sex trollop across its cover is just an old man yelling at a cloud.

Grin and move on. That’s the manly thing to do.

That’s what men have been doing for the last 50 years as we surrender more and more ground in the battle of the sexes. We’re greatly underestimating our opponent. It’s Satan. It’s the rejection of biblical order and man’s responsibility to lead.

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Pop culture quit making heroes of men 30 years ago. Hollywood pivoted to antiheroes. Tony Soprano, a crude and barbaric mob boss, replaced Batman. Lester Burnham, a creepy father with a crush on a teenage American beauty, replaced Heathcliff Huxtable.

Men became the bad guys. Now we’re a joke.

GQ scanned the globe and came up with three names for man of the year: Kim Kardashian, Jacob Elordi, and Travis Scott.

Kardashian, of course, is a woman. Elordi is an actor who plays a closeted gay man on the HBO drama “Euphoria.” Scott is a rapper who puts on Satan-themed concerts.

When a whore, a beta, and a devil-worshipper are the top candidates for man of the year, it’s clear men have hit rock-bottom. It’s equally clear that controllers of the zeitgeist are in the final stages of ending the patriarchy.

Men are laughingstocks, too weak to offer any real pushback. The culture depicts white men as buffoons and bigots and black men as effeminate and immoral.

Marvel churns out bad superhero movies featuring women. Every television show features a woman or a gay person as the most courageous, most ethical, and smartest person in the room.

A chubby, 50-year-old lesbian rapper — Queen Latifah — jumps off balconies and thwarts the bad guys every Sunday night on “The Equalizer.”

This stuff isn’t harmless. It’s brainwashing intended to produce the feminist cult and distort biblical truth. It’s orchestrated confusion. It baits women into acting like men and men into acting like women.

Leaders now want to be led. Men emote. We wear, show, and surrender to our emotions at the first sign of adversity. We reject the responsibility of morality and righteousness. We consider immorality — particularly sexual immorality — a form of masculinity. Women have followed us into the abyss. Their seizing of authority reflects our weakness.

They’re winning. They’ve convinced themselves and a large portion of the next generation that women are better men than men and men are better women than women.

If Bruce Jenner can be the most courageous athlete 40 years after his athletic career ended, why can’t Kim Kardashian be man of the year? Why can’t Michelle Obama be president?

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