Disney Provides Pronoun Pins to Epcot Janitors

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The “House of Mouse” is back at it again with their woke crap. 

According to an anonymous source in an exclusive report from Daily Caller, Disney World’s newest push for wokesim is its rollout of pronoun pins for employees around the park to wear. 

Supposedly, all a Disney employee at the EPCOT theme park has to do is fill out a form via a QR code on a sign with the pronouns that they prefer, real pronouns or made up ones. As long as their request is approved, they’ll get the new name and pronoun combo name tags.

Presently, according to the employees Daily Caller spoke to, the initiative is mandatory but is being rolled out first with janitorial positions. I guess the janitors got tired of being misgendered while cleaning toilets.

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“Hi everyone, we are excited to introduce pronoun name tags in our area!” a form read according to Daily Caller. “Pronoun name tags help us understand each other more and bring a positive impact within our community!

Daily Caller noted that the employees who spoke with the outlet are not supportive of the new policy. Others online shared that irritation.

“Walt is rolling over in his grave,” one user wrote on Twitter after calling the initiative “craziness.”

The Daily Caller Twitter/X account wrote, “DISNEYLAND OF MAKE BELIEVE.”

Others called the initiative a move of “blatant virtue signaling,” and another user wrote that these pins, in conjunction with other woke Disney crap, is going to “ride this leftist religion into bankruptcy.”

I can’t say this move is surprising. Disney is flat out obsessed with leftism and rather than focusing on entertainment and quality theme parks to bring joy to families and children, its rolled out LGBTQ propaganda over and over and has become more known for its wokeism than practically anything else. 

In July, word broke about Disney’s woke rendition of “Snow White” where the main princess would ditch the 1937 film idea of finding her prince and instead become a “stronger” version of Snow White who doesn’t need a man. Disney also regularly produces LGBTQ childrens’ clothing including a “Pride” onesie for babies. Disney announced its first “Pride Nite” to celebrate the “LGBTQIA+ community & allies” back in April, and a teaser for Disney+’s “Peter Pan and Wendy” indicated that the Lost Boys would include girls as well in the name of inclusivity. Those are just a few of the woke examples Disney has prioritized this year alone. 

This new push with Disney’s “pronoun pins” is just another example of how bad Disney has become. Based on the backlash, I guess it’s time to remind Disney once again – get woke, go broke.

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