Things in Chicago Are So Bad That Venezuelan Illegals Are Fleeing Back to Venezuela

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When illegals from Venezuela want to leave the US to go back to their Marxist hellhole, that is a clear sign that things are really bad.

The particular city we are referring to is Chicago, Illinois. The lack of work opportunities and living in shelters has convinced many of the illegals they just might be better off back at home.

Chicago was known as a sanctuary city, so thousands of illegals entering the US were sent there, particularly by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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Things are rapidly changing for them, including a difficult winter and lack of support from local governments. Many are considering going back to Venezuela. This is very revealing of the hypocrisy of sanctuary cities. They talk a big game until they are actually put to the test.

Daily Mail reported:

Chicago has become so unpleasant that migrants are fleeing back to Venezuela after being dumped in shelters and refused better-paying jobs.

Since August last year, 20,700 migrants have arrived in Chicago from Texas. The Lone Star State’s Governor Greg Abbott sent migrants to Chicago and other Democrat-run cities because of their proud status as ‘sanctuary cities.’ They offer enhanced protection against detention or deportation for undocumented migrants.

Now, Illinois’ harsh winters, lack of migrant infrastructure, and ambivalent support from locals has made many people, who undertook the harsh US-Mexico border journey, actually turn around and go back home.

Venezuela-born Michael Castejon, 39, and his family have been sleeping on the floors of police stations and shelters after he could not afford to pay rent in Chicago – because his work permit was taking so long to arrive.

Even with city vouchers and rental assistance, it was not enough to sustain Castejon’s family. Once that ran out, they ended up sleeping on the floor at a police station. After finding a job, it still was not adequate to survive. He felt it was better to return to Venezuela even with its harsh government.

The Gateway Pundit reported in September that illegal aliens from Venezuela were sleeping on the streets of El Paso.

Hundreds of Illegal aliens in El Paso, the majority from Venezuela, will be sleeping in the streets since the shelters are at capacity. Among the illegals sleeping on the streets are innocent children. The shelters are so full that they have literally run out of room.

The Biden Regime doesn’t care. Millions of illegals have poured in since January 2021, when he was installed in the White House. It’s deliberate.

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