Turkey’s president declares fealty to Hamas

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Turkey’s President Erdogan has declared his fealty to Hamas.

Erdogan called Hamas a “liberation group” and Israel a “war criminal” during a pro-Palestinian rally that was staged by his religiously conservative ruling party in Istanbul this past weekend.

Mark Levin isn’t surprised.

“He was always part of this radical Islamist party,” Levin says, adding that Erdogan has also been giving aid and comfort to several of the Hamas leaders.

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The Turkish president has been reportedly ramping up his support of the terrorist group, prompting Israel to withdraw its diplomats.

“Hamas is not a terrorist organization but a liberation group, a group of Mujahideen that is fighting to protect its soil and its citizens,” Erdogan told the crowd.

“Israel, you may be an organization because the West owes you a lot, but Turkey owes you nothing,” he continued.

“So the Jews in Israel are slaughtered without provocation,” Levin says, disgusted by Erdogan’s remarks. “Slaughtered in the most inhumane … I won’t say animals cause they’re not animals, they’re worse than animals in the most subhuman way imaginable.”

Hamas, the organization that Erdogan calls a “liberation group,” has been broadcasting and celebrating this.

Levin notes that in one example, a terrorist was recorded calling his father. He then excitedly told his father that he had killed 10 Jews with his own bare hands, including a husband and a wife.

“You have unleashed these subhuman bastards. And what they’re taught at a young age is that Jews are not human. They dehumanize other human beings,” Levin says, adding, “they do to human beings what you wouldn’t do to a rat.”

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