Transgender Transition Sad Violin Story: ‘It Made Me Feel Like a Piece of Meat’

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A transgender has woven a most remarkable tale of the Patriarchy™ and its newfound effects on him following his transition into a lady.

Be forewarned: I have a strong stomach for most of this stuff, having been desensitized over the years, but I literally had to suppress a gag reflex when he started talking about his “budding breasts.”

Via Insider (emphasis added):

Earlier this fall, I was sitting around a coffee table with four of my best guy friends. We were preparing for another year of fantasy football, getting ready to draft the players we might ride out the season with.

It had become our yearly tradition, and this was the fifth time I had a night just like this. But this year was different. Instead of being a bearded man with sunken eyes and drinking half my weight in beer, I was a bubbly girl with turquoise eyeshadow matching the Miami Dolphins jersey I was wearing. I had a new name, new clothes, and a new pair of breasts sitting on my chest.

As much as I’d like to say I was the same person, that would be a lie. Transitioning made me much happier. But I wasn’t prepared for how it would affect my friendships — especially with my straight, cisgender guy friends

As I began embracing a bubblier personality, budding breasts, and tighter clothes, the comments and jokes took a different angle. Instead of just talking about things such as gaming, music, and sports, they made observations about my body and how it was changing. They even made jokes like: “Let me see how your boobs are growing

I felt like a piece of meat, and I felt gross, but also more like a woman in some twisted way.

Woo, boy! There’s a lot to unpack here.

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First of all, it would seem on the surface, to a rational human being, that the point of a man transitioning to “womanhood” would be to attract potential male mates. What would the point otherwise be – if not the very plausible one that it is an exercise in ritualistic, narcissistic sadism by forcing society to cater to their neuroses with the implicit threat of being branded a bigot if they do not cooperate?

But, of course, we would never impugn the motives of sacred transgenders here at PJ Media in such a way. They are flawless angel-cakes, and we worship at their altar. In fact, gender transition should be mandatory for all children starting in the womb, as activists have advocated for.

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Second, as indicated in the above embedded Tweet, the suggestion that this gentleman became the target of unwanted sexual advances en masse defies belief. He is most unattractive by any metric.

My best guess about what’s going on here is that he had longstanding dreams of becoming a #MeToo internet sensation, but he could never pull it off while still living as an obvious man. Because the gender binary is unjust, such accusations are reserved for women. Now that he is a brave and stunning woman, he has carte blanche to run hog-wild with them.

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