Speaker Mike Johnson on Gun Control: “The Problem is the Human Heart, Not Guns… We Have to Address the Root Problems… Mental Health” (VIDEO)

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Mike Johnson Sits Down with Sean Hannity to Discuss a Range of Topics Including the Recent Mass Shooting and the Left’s Immediate Push for Gun Control

Newly elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, joined Sean Hannity on his prime-time Fox News show last night in an exclusive sit-down interview to discuss a range of topics, including the recent mass shooting in Maine that took the lives of at least 18 people.

The tragedy has once again ignited the national debate on gun control, with the left wasting no time to politicize the incident. However, Speaker Johnson made it abundantly clear that “the problem is the human heart, not guns,” and that now is not the time for legislation aimed at limiting Second Amendment rights.

As Hannity opened the discussion on gun control, questioning the knee-jerk reaction of the left to immediately call for more gun laws in the wake of a mass shooting, Johnson was resolute in his response.

“At the end of the day, the problem is the human heart. It’s not guns. It’s not the weapons,” said Johnson. “We have to protect the right of the citizens to protect themselves. And that’s the Second Amendment, and that’s why our party stands so strongly for that.”

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Johnson’s comments echo a sentiment long-held by conservatives, that taking guns away from law-abiding citizens is not the solution to America’s gun violence problem. The Second Amendment is a constitutionally protected right.

The Speaker was also clear that now, as the nation is in the midst of mourning, is not the right time to be talking about legislative action. “We’re in the middle of that crisis right now,” Johnson said. “I just want you to know, and I want the American people to know, that all the members of the House here are deeply concerned about the families involved and everyone. And we pray for the law enforcement officers that are doing that hard job tonight that most people do not have the bravery to do.”


When Hannity pushed Johnson on whether there are any specific gun laws he would consider, Johnson emphasized the need to focus on the root causes, such as mental health issues, rather than the tools used in these crimes.

I mean, there’ll be lots of discussion, as there are after these heartbreaking tragedies,” Johnson noted. “In Europe and in other places, they use vehicles to mow down crowds at parades where they’ve done that here in the United States. It’s not the weapon. It’s the underlying problem.”

Johnson called for society and government to seriously address the mental health crisis, which he sees as a significant contributing factor to these sorts of violent incidents.

“I believe we have to address the root problems of these things, and mental health, obviously, as in this case is a big issue, and we’ve got to seriously address that as a society and as a government. And there’s lots of measures pending on that as well,” said Johnson.


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