San Francisco Mayor Orders City Departments to Propose More Than $200 Million in Cuts to Reverse Doom Loop

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Is a moment of financial reckoning coming to the city of San Francisco?

Mayor London Breed is ordering city departments to propose cuts totaling more than $200 million. As the famous saying goes, something that can’t go on forever won’t.

Retail outlets are fleeing the city and some real estate is losing value at an alarming rate. Imagine what Mayor Breed has seen in terms of the city’s financial outlook. It must be horrifying.

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The Daily Mail reports:

EXCLUSIVE San Francisco mayor orders police, health and other departments to propose cuts of $206 MILLION in desperate attempt to reverse city’s ‘doom loop’ spiral into economic collapse

San Francisco’s mayor has ordered city departments including police and public health to propose budget cuts of $206 million by next week in a desperate attempt to reverse the stricken city’s ‘doom loop’ spiral into economic collapse.

Law enforcement budgets in the city, which is ravaged by homelessness, drugs and a downtown business exodus, face cuts of $27.6 million, while the public health department could lose a further $25.9 million, according to a analysis.

The fire department must propose reductions of around $10.5 million to meet the mayor’s demand, while city’s crumbling Municipal Transport Agency must find savings of $15.5 million, a review of official figures suggests.

In a letter dated October 11, Mayor London Breed ordered departments to propose massive cuts to this year’s budgets in order to prevent San Francisco reaching a $500 million deficit by 2025.

The radical cuts mark an embarrassing change of tack from Breed, who is now forced to tear up the record-breaking $14.6 billion annual budget she signed off just three months ago. Department heads across the city have until Thursday, October 26 to propose their cuts.

Do the taxpayers of San Francisco see what is happening to their city?

This is just a sign of things to come.

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