NewsBusters Podcast: Why Would Soros Fund Anti-Semites Who Love Hamas?

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When Hamas unleashed its murderous rage against Israeli civilians on October 7, it spurred people to wonder — who among the world’s most powerful people supports this terrorist group? As part of his ongoing research into George Soros, MRC’s Joseph Vazquez discovered Soros funded a pro-Hamas group named Al-Shabaka, which offered this statement after the day of slaughter: 

 “Al-Shabaka rejects the Israeli regime’s colonial borders that work to fragment and ultimately erase Palestinian existence. Breaching these boundaries expands the Palestinian imaginary [sic] for possibilities of both resistance and collective freedom.” 

On its “About Us” page, Al-Shabaka promotes a “Theory of Change,” which means: “We believe our vision will be realized through strengthening the popular movement for Palestinian liberation with the theoretical and analytical policy foundations to both dismantle the current structures of oppression and build a liberated future.” Translation: Israel must be destroyed. It’s a “structure of oppression.”

Soros even wrote a 2007 op-ed for the Financial Times titled “America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas.” So why on Earth can the Left routinely assume it is antisemitic to criticize this man?

Joseph joined the show to put everything in its off-putting perspective. 

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Plus: the people at “NewsGuard” who assess the reliability of news sources have kept everyone at “100 percent” who pathetically repeated Hamas lies about an “Israeli airstrike” at a hospital in Gaza. Surely, someone could realize they need at least a couple of points shaved off for bad behavior.

Fijnally, we could not resist mocking a Matthew Yglesias opinion piece with the ridiculous title “Biden’s Economy Is Great Everywhere Except in the Polls.” Enjoy the podcast below, or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

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