Here’s how Hamas’ influence has infiltrated schools and the media

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The Hamas network has infiltrated America, and the media is ignoring it — even though it’s all nicely wrapped up in a report from George Washington University.

The report details the 1987 formation of Hamas. Immediately following this formation, Muslim Brotherhood branches and offshoots throughout the world activated to assist them.

In 1988, the head of the Palestine section of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East traveled to the United States, which resulted in the formation of the Palestine Committee of the Muslim Brotherhood in America.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s vision for the Israel-Palestine conflict was laid out in a 1992 memorandum, which said a goal of the Brotherhood was to “liberate its land from the abomination and the defilement of the children of the Jews.”

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The document also called on the committee to work to “increase the financial and moral support for Hamas to fight surrendering solutions.”

This committee responsible for the document was composed of the heads of three U.S.-based organizations that had been set up to aid Hamas in Palestine.

“They’ve infiltrated our country, and this is not being discussed in the media at all,” Mark Levin comments, disturbed.

Members of the committee even held a three-day meeting at a Marriott hotel in Philadelphia, which was attended by over 20 top leaders of the Hamas support network in the United States.

At the meeting, the need to get pro-Hamas material into Islamic schools as well as influencing American public opinion, policy makers, and infiltrating American media outlets and university research centers were discussed.

“They’ve infiltrated our country. They’ve infiltrated our schools. They’ve infiltrated our media, and they still are,” Levin says. “They’ve infiltrated the Democrat Party with Tlaib and others like her.”

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