Unreal LGBTQ+++™ Cartoon Propaganda Teaches Public Schoolchildren Transgenderism

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Last year, various Wisconsin governing authorities in charge of setting childhood sex education curricula for their charges in public school saw fit to introduce revisions that would expose students as young as nine years old to lessons on “gender identity and expression.”

Those social engineering schemes are now hitting paydirt.

Via Fox News, 2022 (emphasis added):

A Wisconsin school board introduced new sex education for its K-12 students for the first time in a decade that includes lessons on transgenderism starting as young as the fourth grade

As part of the recommended revision first presented on Aug. 8, the fourth-grade curriculum — developed for students around 9 or 10 years of age — lists a lesson on “gender identity and expression.”

By the end of the lesson, the learning targets and standards say students will be able to “Have awareness of different definitions for gender, including transgender, cisgender, and non-binary;” “Understand that individuals may identify beyond male and female;” “Understand the use of pronouns around gender identity;” “Understand that a label may not describe someone perfectly;” and “Identify at least 1 trusted adult* they can talk to if they have questions.”

*”Trusted adult” is code for the school social worker who will ferry them in a government van to the gender clinic for some chemical love at the slightest hint of gender confusion after one of the school’s lessons inculcating gender confusion into their minds.

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The School District of Superior has instituted such a curriculum.

Here is one of the videos, produced by the Canadian Public Broadcasting Service (CBC), the district is now treating its students to.

The cartoon opens with a pair of cartoon minorities looking in on a hospital nursery. The male — it’s weird, by the way, that they have obviously sexually dimorphic characters, but whatever — nonsensically asks a baby what its sex is through plexiglass, presumably rhetorically.

On cue, the female launches into a diatribe on gender ideology with the predictable talking points about how “the way your body looks on the outside is only part of the story” and that gender is “how you feel inside your body.”

(Of course, the protagonist has to be a female Person of Color™ to explain to the ignorant rubes how Social Justice™ works.)

For the record, gender is not “how you feel inside your body” and no sociologist before 2015 would have said otherwise. Gender is a social performance determined socially by society, not on an individual basis by whatever the green-haired freak thinks it is on any given day. It’s furthermore underpinned by hard biology. A woman’s gender is “woman” because her sex is female. The individual does not get to dictate its gender.

The most egregious portion of the video is that after kidnapping this innocent baby and using it as a prop in her Cultural Revolution monologue, she then hands the child back to its parents and tells them to change its diaper.

Doing it herself as a thank-you for lending her their child for propaganda would presumably be tantamount to slavery or whatever. “No free labor!” is the constant refrain of the Social Justice™ left. But they don’t pay, of course, for the hard labor of listening to and trying to process their nonsense.

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