NFL Hall of Famer calls out his son’s fake gangster rap persona: ‘You grew up in a gated community your whole life!’

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Super Bowl champion and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Michael Irvin questioned the desire for young men to “fantasize” about “ghetto life,” even if they were not raised in such a place. Irvin even called out his son for portraying himself as a gangster rapper.

Irvin appeared on Fox Sports’ “Undisputed” with fellow NFL great Keyshawn Johnson to discuss basketball player Ja Morant, who has been suspended multiple times by the NBA for wielding firearms on social media videos.

The former wide receiver explained the strange allure of “thug life” for young athletes.

“You can’t be with people all the time; they’re running around,” Irvin began. He then directly implicated his son, a rapper, for trying to “romanticize” his upbringing by making it seem worse than it was.

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“I got a son, and he raps. His rap name is Tut Tarantino. If you ever listen to some of his raps, I’m like, ‘Oh my god! Where does this come from, son?!'” Irvin explained. “‘You grew up in a gated community your whole life,’ but he’s rapping ‘my life’ because we romanticize and fantasize about that old thug life, ghetto life, and all that stuff.”

“We used to work to get away from [that]. Now, we’ve gotten to a place somehow where we’re running back towards it, in the music, in everything,” Irvin added, according to Complex.

Irvin spoke about his son’s lyrics previously in 2019 on the “Dan Patrick Show.”

“He raps about some of the hardest stuff in the world,” Irvin said about his son, whose name is reportedly Elijah. “I say to him, ‘Son, you grew up in a 20,000 square foot, gated community! Where does this stuff come from?'”

“I worked hard to get you out of this, and you’re rapping right back to it,” he continued.

The top search result for Tut Tarantino on YouTube is a song called “Hit Pt. 2,” in which the rapper talks about drugs and assault rifles while in a ski mask.

Since Irvin’s remarks, the video’s comment section has been riddled with comments about how well off the rapper allegedly is.

“That’s the nicest [drug] house I’ve ever seen in my life,” one comment said.

Another user wrote, “[T]his brings a whole new meaning to Fake it til you make it.”

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