Texas man charged after allegedly biting 10-year-old ‘like a vampire’: Report

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A man in Texas is facing multiple charges after allegedly biting a 10-year-old child on the neck “like a vampire,” before demanding to repeat the act.

Colton Tyler Ryan, 27, has been accused of enticing a child for the purpose of committing sexual assault and injury to a child under the age of 15 years old, according to a report by Law & Crime. Ryan and the victim are reportedly not related.

The incident in question reportedly occurred on October 13, according to the three criminal complaints filed against Ryan.

The prosecution said that the 10-year-old victim said he was hanging out with his friends when Ryan “singled him out, separated him from his friends and forced him into the apartment gym restroom.” During their time in the restroom, Ryan apparently took a photo of him and the boy with “their arms around each other’s waists,” according to a bail motion that was filed by the state.

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It was only after Ryan took the photo that he allegedly “sucked and bit on [the boy’s] neck like a ‘vampire.'”

KTRK-TV reported that the victim’s mother discovered what happened between Ryan and her son after she found the messages on her son’s phone. Ryan apparently messaged the victim at all hours of the day, trying to meet up.

The victim’s mother also mentioned that she noticed Ryan circling around the apartment building at various times.

“Despite knowing the [boy’s mother] did not approve of contact with or ‘playing’ with the [boy] [Ryan] insisted on contacting the [boy] to meet up and ‘play,’” the motion reads. “[Ryan] stated he wanted to play with the [the boy] ‘just like’ on Friday, October 13, 2023, when [Ryan] sucked and bit on the [boy’s] neck like a ‘vampire’ causing him pain.”

However, the state alleged that Ryan’s insistence on doing the act again was not simply limited to digital messaging, according to Law & Crime.

“[Ryan] messaged the child at all hours of the day and night attempting to meet up with the child in person knowing the [boy’s mother] did not approve,” the bail motion added. “The child and his Mother observed the Defendant lurking around their apartment and circling the building wanting to meet up with the child knowing the [boy’s mother] did not approve.”

It was only after the victim’s mother discovered the messages on her son’s phone that she decided to call the police.

Ryan was held on a $50,000 bond just for the charge of enticing the victim. But a bail hearing on the injury charge is still pending, per the report.

Houston man bites 10-year-old, like a vampirewww.youtube.com

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