Gender-Bending Teacher Couple in Tennessee Busted for Prostitution in Police Sting

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A pair of substitute teachers in Tennessee, who are apparently some combination of LGBTQ++ and in a relationship, were just busted for prostitution.

According to them, they need to do this in order to survive.

The Daily Mail reported:

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Tennessee substitute teachers Ezra Fry and David Acevedo cited on prostitution charges after an undercover police sting

A trans and queer activist couple who are substitute teachers for a Tennessee school district were recently busted for prostitution in Tennessee after an undercover sting by police.

Ezra Fry, 22, and David Acevedo, 25, were cited in late August when Chattanooga Police Narcotics and detectives went undercover in a prostitution sting.

The couple were detained after Fry led the undercover cop to the bedroom and was handed money for the sexual transaction.

‘I don’t care, everyone has seen my [privates],’ Fry allegedly said to an officer.

WTVC reported Fry told authorities that the couple had been in the business for several years as a way to make extra money. Both had been substitute teachers in Hamilton County schools as recently as this year.

A police report stated an officer who posed as ‘John’ made contact with Fry through an ‘illicit prostitution website’ to set up a sexual arrangement.

The officer revealed that Fry – who is trans and uses they/them pronouns – invited the undercover officer to their house because he was a new client.

They claimed they would feel safer in the house where their husband, where Acevedo was waiting.

Have you ever seen a better argument for home schooling?

Should the people who hired these two also be fired?

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