Conservative Law Professor William Jacobson Explains How the Left Took Over and ‘Radicalized’ Almost Every College

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Conservative law professor William Jacobson is the publisher of the Legal Insurrection blog. As one of the few openly conservative faculty members in the Ivy League, Jacobson is in a unique position to observe campus culture and the radical drift higher education has taken in recent years.

Jacobson was recently interviewed by Breitbart News to offer his analysis of what we’re seeing unfold on college campuses right now with left wing rallies in support of the terror group Hamas.

According to Jacobson, we are witnessing the ‘collapse’ phase of higher ed.

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From Breitbart News:

Professor William Jacobson Explains How the Left Took Over Education: ‘We’re in a Collapse Phase’

Cornell Law School professor William Jacobson explained to Breitbart News Daily host Mike Slater how the far-left took over academia to the point where the U.S. has “a very radicalized faculty at almost every college” in the country, adding, “We’re in a collapse phase.”

“There’s that saying that collapse happens slowly, then suddenly. We’re in the ‘suddenly’ phase,” Jacobson told Slater.

“But it happened slowly,” Jacobson continued. “I’ve witnessed it — I graduated college in 1981. I went to Hamilton College in upstate New York,.it was a fairly conservative, traditional college. It’s now indistinguishable from Oberlin College.”

“The radical professors were hired, they had a plan,” Jacobson explained. “They slowly took over the committees and the hiring committees, and they only hired their own, and over 30+ years, you got to a situation where you have a very radicalized faculty at almost every college in the U.S.”

Listen to the interview below:

Jacobson expands on his thoughts here. He has also called upon the Cornell board of trustees to take action.

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