Pfizer Implements $3.5 Billion Cost-Cutting Program Amid Lagging COVID Injection Sales

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Pfizer’s latest COVID booster isn’t going super well. Only about 2% of the entire American population has been successfully injected, and it appears to not be in the cards that that figure will appreciably rise anytime soon. The “safe and effective” façade is wearing thin.

Pfizer is instituting a “cost realignment program” as a consequence, in an attempt to stem the bleeding for shareholders – the fiscal health of which, not actual health, is its only true passion.

Via Forbes (emphasis added):

Pfizer is implementing a “cost realignment program” expected to save the pharmaceutical giant at least $3.5 billion as it prepares for revenue drops for its Covid-19 vaccine and Paxlovid, a prescription pill for treating Covid-19, according to its updated full-year guidance…

The company also expects full-year revenues for its vaccine and Paxlovid to be about $12.5 billion—$9 billion lower than what was anticipated…

Paxlovid full-year revenue expectations were lowered by about $7 billion while vaccine revenue expectations were reduced by approximately $2 billion because of “lower-than-expected vaccination rates.”

The “lower-than-expected vaccination rates” were not for lack of trying on the part of the pharmaceutical-funded corporate state media, which launched an all-out terror campaign in August ahead of a mid-September booster rollout to force-feed more vaxxes to the public and justify new mandates in schools and offices.

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Anyway, here’s a better idea: let’s save Pfizer executives the fiscal trouble by confiscating their ill-gotten gains obtained through documented fraud, liquidating them and distributing them to the victims of their mandated shots, and then putting them on trial for their crimes, possibly using RICO statutes to do it. They deserve it way more than any mafia racket ever did.

The ”documented fraud” accusation isn’t just hyperbole. Pfizer and the Public Health™ authorities literally committed documented, provable fraud in multiple regards, including:

  • The organized demonization and suppression of effective pre-existing therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, as their existence would preclude the emergency use authorization Pfizer and Moderna desperately needed to get their shots pushed through the regulatory process and into the market. If it were acknowledged that prior therapies existed, the COVID-19 shots would never have been mandated and, in fact, would not have even been available until they went through the same 10-15-year vetting process that every vaccine in history has gone through – by which time the cost-benefit analysis would have been much clearer to anyone paying attention and much harder to muddy by the media.
    Of course, Pfizer and the Public Health™ authorities knew very well that the inefficacies and dangers of their product would come to light and sales would suffer, assuming it ever made it to market in the first place – which it would not have were Pfizer unable to rig the trials.
  • Pfizer used a separate and significantly riskier manufacturing process for its publicly available shots than the one it used to get regulatory approval in the trials.
  • Pfizer gave its Australian employees a separate vaccine batch than the one distributed to the public.
  • Pfizer never bothered to test whether its leaky vaccine stopped transmission (it doesn’t) in its clinical trials, despite public proclamations to the contrary.

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