Preferred Pronouns or Prison? I’ll Take Prison

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Many European countries, including the United Kingdom, have been pushing back on gender transitioning for minors, even as the Biden Administration is attempting to normalize the barbaric practice here in America.

But all is still not well in the United Kingdom. Why? Because the woke leftists in the Labour Party are still very much in the pockets of the transgender industry and are attempting to force compliance with radical leftist gender ideology. According to a recent report from the Daily Mail, a proposed law by the Labour Party would make deliberately “misgendering” someone a hate crime meriting a prison sentence.

“Vowing to toughen up the sentencing guidelines for abuse and violence targeted at trans people, Labour would make attacks motivated by hatred of the victim’s gender identity into ‘aggravated offences’,” the Daily Mail reports. “This would bring transphobic abuse into line with assault and harassment motivated by hatred on the grounds of race or religion, which are punishable by up to two years in prison.”

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Imagine seeing a man in a dress, and being arrested and imprisoned for two years because you referred to him with male pronouns. Sadly, this is the natural progression of the transgender movement. Polls have shown that most Americans don’t buy into transgenderism, and I suspect the same goes for people in the United Kingdom. So, naturally the radical left has to force compliance and make “misgendering” someone a crime.

The movement to criminalize “misgendering” is not new. In 2021 a father in British Columbia was arrested for referring to his 14-year-old daughter as “she” after she transitioned. In Britain, a journalist named Caroline Farrow faced a criminal investigation for “misgendering” a transgender individual on social media. It’s also happening in the United States, where some schools are punishing students who “misgender” classmates. In May of last year, a school district in Wisconsin filed sexual harassment complaints under Title IX against three 8th grade students because they referred to a classmate with the “wrong” pronouns. Last year the notorious Dylan Mulvaney was so triggered by journalists and bloggers who refer to him with male pronouns that he called it a crime and insisted that anyone who referred to him by his biological sex should be arrested.

“The articles written about me using ‘he’ pronouns and calling me a man over and over again,” he said. “I feel like that should be illegal. I don’t know that’s that’s just bad journalism.”

Responding to the proposed law, famed author J.K. Rowling made her position very clear.

“I’ll happily do two years if the alternative is compelled speech and forced denial of the reality and importance of sex. Bring on the court case, I say. It’ll be more fun than I’ve ever had on a red carpet.”

I have yet to be put in a position where I’d even have the opportunity to “misgender” someone, but I know when it does happen I won’t enable their delusion. I’m with J.K. Rowling on this 100%. I will not be bullied by the transgender cult. Hopefully it will never come to this, but the movement to criminalize “misgendering” is gaining speed in the United States. The Michigan House recently passed a law to make it a felony to “intimidate” someone by using the “wrong pronouns,” so don’t pretend it can’t happen here. We can no longer think of such insanity as something that could never happen to us, because it is happening, all around us, and we have to be united against it.

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