Rep. Carlos Gimenez Declares Only Kevin McCarthy Worthy of House Speaker Role, Rejects Voting for Jim Jordan: “I’m OK. Only Kevin”

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On a tense Tuesday, a faction of 20 Republican turncoats turned their back on Rep. Jim Jordan’s bid for the House Speaker role.

  1. Don Bacon – Nebraska’s 2nd District
  2. Ken Buck – Colorado’s 4th District
  3. Lori Chavez-DeRemer – Oregon’s 5th District
  4. Anthony D’Esposito – New York’s 4th District
  5. Mario Diaz-Balart – Florida’s 26th District
  6. Jake Ellzey – Texas’s 6th District
  7. Andrew Garbarino – New York’s 2nd District
  8. Carlos Gimenez – Florida’s 28th District
  9. Tony Gonzales – Texas’s 23rd District
  10. Kay Granger – Texas’s 12th District
  11. John James – Michigan’s 10th District
  12. Mike Kelly – Pennsylvania’s 16th District
  13. Jennifer Kiggans – Virginia’s 2nd District
  14. Nick LaLota – New York’s 1st District
  15. Doug LaMalfa – California’s 1st District
  16. Michael Lawler – New York’s 17th District
  17. John Rutherford – Florida’s 5th District
  18. Victoria Spartz – Indiana’s 5th District
  19. Michael Simpson – Idaho’s 2nd District
  20. Steve Womack – Arkansas’s 3rd District

Among these RINOs is Representative Carlos Gimenez of Florida, who has unequivocally thrown his support behind Representative Kevin McCarthy, who was named the shortest-serving House speaker in U.S. history.

Rep. Gimenez took to social media to air his staunch support for McCarthy. In his post, Gimenez voiced his disappointment over the lack of party unity displayed by eight of his colleagues who, according to him, aligned with the ‘socialists’ in Congress to unseat the ‘duly-elected’ Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy—a move he finds unacceptable.

“For the record, I’ve always been OK. Only Kevin. 8 colleagues joined all the socialists in Congress to remove our duly-elected Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy — that should have never happened in the first place,” he wrote.

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Further solidifying his stance, Gimenez, in a separate post, he reiterated his unwavering support for McCarthy, stating, “I would NEVER vote for socialist Democrat Hakeem Jeffries. I’m OK. Only Kevin. I’m voting for our duly-elected Republican Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy, who should have never been removed to begin with.”

In an interview, Gimenez maintained his firm position, expressing disdain for what he perceives as tactics of ‘pressure and intimidation and misinformation’ stemming from the camp of Jim Jordan, although he clarified that he is not accusing Jordan directly but pointing fingers at his supporters.

“Right now, I’m not changing my position. And I think that Jim Jordan’s tactics of pressure and intimidation and misinformation I’m not saying that he did it, but his supporters surely has not helped Jim Jordan,” he said.

In an interview with Elizabeth MacDonald on Fox News Sunday, Gimenez voiced his frustration over the ouster of McCarthy and blamed Matt Gaetz for allegedly causing chaos on the House.


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