‘Carry on!’ Chip Roy ISN’T backing down on Jim Jordan

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The first round of voting to elect Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) speaker of the House failed, but Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) isn’t giving up.

Jim Jordan “came to Washington to change it,” Roy tells Sara Gonzales. While Jordan failed to secure the first round, he did get 200 votes out of the Republican conference.

“That is a monumental achievement. We are moving the needle; we are changing this town,” Roy adds.

However, 20 Republicans voted against Jordan.

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“Just notice that of the 20, seven of them are appropriators; four of them are on the House Armed Services Committee. The people that think they run this town, typically, traditionally, historically, have been appropriators and the defense complex — we’re trying to break that. That’s what’s really going on,” Roy explains.

Gonzales notes that these Republicans are behaving like “a bunch of adults having a hissy fit,” as many of them voted for people who aren’t even running.

“Who needs enemies with friends like these?” she asks.

“If we can’t unify right now when it matters, why the hell did voters go out and make sure that Republicans were in charge of the House?”

While Gonzales is “pissed,” Roy is positive about the future.

“We’re going to get through this,” he tells Gonzales.

“We’ve stood up for life, we’ve stood up for parents, we’ve stood up for a strong border. We have a Senate, Democrats, and a president that won’t work with us. We have a thin majority, and we’re exposing this family feud for the entire country to see.”

Roy explains that he’s “not backing down” and will work with those on his side to “change this town or bust.”

“If my colleagues think they’re going to roll over me or roll over Jim Jordan, they’re out of their mind,” he adds.

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