Why Has the Biden Campaign Joined Trump’s Social Media Platform?

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On Monday, the Biden campaign launched an account on Truth Social, Donald Trump’s social media platform .

Campaign sources told Fox News Digital that the purpose of the account is for “meeting voters where they are.”

“Republicans can’t even agree on a Speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same,” a Biden campaign official claimed.

Well, if that’s what they’re after, it’s not going well. The inaugural post, which was shared Monday afternoon, hasn’t exactly received a warm welcome. The post was quickly “ratioed” by users mocking Joe Biden and his campaign.

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But let’s not waste time pretending that this is about reaching voters. I don’t care how much you love Trump, there’s no way anyone can claim that Truth Social is a valuable untapped resource for the Biden campaign. The active user base is a fraction of that of Twitter—which is now known as X. According to a recent report from the Washington Post, Truth Social has about 500,000 monthly active users, while Twitter/X has a reported 368 million monthly active users. Heck, I’ve had an account on Truth Social since the public launch and I barely use it. When I started the account, I was suspended from Twitter, so I had every reason to want to have a thriving account on the platform. But even before I was reinstated on Twitter by Elon Musk, I got tired of echo chamber at Truth Social. It was, frankly, boring.

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Granted, I’ve never had a huge Twitter account, but my Truth Social account didn’t grow at a rate to be competitive with my Twitter account.  It was clear from the beginning that there are many more people were on Twitter than Truth Social. And those who are on Truth Social are primarily Trump supporters.  You know… those evil “MAGA Republicans” Biden frequently trashes. Does the Biden campaign really think it’s going to get any converts from Truth Social? Of course not. The campaign knows Truth Social’s user base isn’t going to care what he has to say.

What is this really about? The Biden campaign is trolling Trump and his supporters. In fact, the only account this Biden campaign account follows is Trump. What does that tell you?

This isn’t exactly a secret, as the account has mostly featured clips of Trump’s primary opponents criticizing him, or Biden campaign videos attacking Trump. They represent a fraction of the posts shared to the campaign’s @BidenHQ account on X over a similar time frame. Posts on Truth Social won’t be seen by nearly as many eyes as equivalent posts on X will. But, posts featuring Trump’s primary opponents attacking Trump is the Biden campaign’s attempt to sow division among Republican voters. This isn’t a strategy of a confident campaign. Instead, it feels kind of desperate and pathetic, and when the campaign realizes it’s not working I’m sure the low-level staffer in charge of this account will eventually move on to something else equally pointless.

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