‘Go Israel!!! Make Hummus out of Hamas!’: Jon Lovitz expresses support for the Jewish state, says he hopes ‘everyone in Hamas’ is killed

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Actor and comedian Jon Lovitz has been outspoken in declaring his support for Israel and his disdain for Hamas, the terror group that perpetrated attacks in the Jewish state, slaughtering and abducting people.

“Go Israel!!! Make Hummus out of Hamas!” Lovitz declared in a post on X, adding the hashtag, “#IStandWithIsrael.”

“Foaming at the mouth for retributory death,” someone commented in response to Lovitz’s post. “Not that you’re anyone (anymore?), but it’s nice to have this disgusting post attached to you now and forever.”

“Yes. I hope they kill everyone in Hamas. Absolutely,” Lovitz replied. “Hamas wants to continue killing Jews and even their own Palestinian people. Pure evil. Not that you were ever anyone or anything. At least you admit you’re pro Hamas.”

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Someone else responded to Lovitz’s pro-Israel, anti-Hamas post by writing, “Wow. You are f*****.”

“Because I’m against a terrorist organization that murders Israeli’s and uses innocent Palestinians as human shields? Well.. Thanks for the compliment! I assume you are pro terrorist, pro Isis. Good to know,” Lovitz fired back.

The person responded, “No, I’m against the death sentence that is basically being imposed on all of the innocent people, especially children, in Gaza in the name of ‘wiping out Hamas.’ I am also against the bombings of Israelis, and a person can actually have both of those beliefs….JACK!”

“Wow. You are f*****,” Lovitz replied.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that Israel “will obliterate Hamas.”

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