Laura Ingraham Slams Higher Education Over Disgusting Campus Displays of Support for Hamas (VIDEO)

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One of the most shocking developments in recent days was the gross displays of support for Hamas on American college campuses.

Progressive college students have decided that Israel is the oppressor in this situation, even though they were the ones who were attacked.

From coast to coast, kids at some of the best schools in the country have held campus rallies in support of Palestine and Hamas. It has shown Americans just how radicalized our colleges and universities have become in recent years.

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Laura Ingraham of FOX News recently did a great monologue on this subject.

From FOX News:

LAURA: How did we get here? And what does this mean? Victor Davis Hanson, as usual, nails it, saying “[T]he overt support for Hamas killers by the diversity, equity and inclusion crowd on a lot of campuses exposes to Americans the real moral and intellectual rot in higher education.”

And remember, these groups wouldn’t be as bold, certainly not as bold as they are if they hadn’t gotten recognition and at least tacit support from the ivory tower crowd. And I love how all these college presidents and deans are now trying to cover their tracks, rushing out statements, distancing themselves from these pro-Hamas organizations on campus, but I’m not buying it for one minute. They’ve always known that these groups supported political violence.

In 2020, the BLM riots, and now the savage killing by Hamas. University officials either agree with the anti-American supporters of violence or they’re just too afraid to challenge them. Meanwhile, corporate America and wealthy donors shower these universities with billions and billions of dollars. Philanthropic giving to higher ed increased by 12.5% last year to $59.5 billion.

Watch the whole thing below:

The mask has been ripped off and now everyone can see the insanity gripping our schools. Higher education in America has gone off the rails.

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